3 Solid Reasons to Complete a Sellers Disclosure

When you decide to list your home at the Lake of the Ozarks, it's important to not overlook a thorough seller's disclosure. There is a lot of paperwork that comes with selling a home but trust us, properly filling out your seller's disclosure isn't something you want to skip out on. If you've never sold a home before or if it's been a while since you have, you may not understand the importance of a sellers disclosure. Today, our real estate team at the Lake of the Ozarks has three reasons as to why you should take the time to complete the seller's discloser in its entirety.

#1 Provides the Buyer with a fair and honest idea of the home's condition. 

Don't be afraid of the seller's disclosure. This document discloses material information to the buyer about the home, which can help them make an informed decision about their purchase. It's not meant to be a deal-killer, but a deal-maker. Many agents provide a copy of the disclosure to interested buyers so they can get an idea of the home's condition before they make an offer or have an inspection.

#2 Protects the Seller from future litigation.

 The most important reason to fill out a seller's disclosure is that is purpose is to hold the seller and real estate agent harmless if you've disclosed the truth about the property. The disclosure can help prevent potential buyers from filing lawsuits against the seller if after the home has been sold a problem arises with the property. It's not a guarantee that there won't be any litigation, but it definitely helps to protect the seller if the buyer is made aware of all known defects upfront.

#3 Helps the Agent listing the home have more accurate information. 

Much of the information provided on the seller's disclosure can be used by the listing agent to provide accurate information on the listing itself when advertising. For example, on the disclosure, the agent will be able to see if the property is on city water or a shared well. If your home uses a shared well, there is likely paperwork that needs to be retrieved for that, and the possibility that there are monthly or annual incurred costs that will need to be disclosed to buyers. These are things that you may not think of initially when listing your home, but by providing a completed disclosure, your agent is able to catch those things for you and make sure that all the necessary documentation is taken care of. 

You don't want any issues to arise during the closing process, or even worse - after you close on your home. If you have questions about filling out a seller's disclosure, feel free to reach out to the Fran Campbell Team! We are your go-to real estate agents at the Lake of the Ozarks and we are happy to walk you through this process. Accuracy matters and when you hire our team to sell your home at the Lake of the Ozarks, we will help guide you through the selling process and make selling your home easy!

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