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5 Tips for Getting an Offer on Your Home

When you decide to list your home at the Lake of the Ozarks , you’re hoping to get an offer on your home as quick as possible. Selling a home can take time but when you are strategic about how you list your home, you can typically speed up getting an offer on your home. Read on to get five tips from the Fran Campbell Team for getting an offer on your home. 1. Staging is Important With the increase in popularity of HGTV home improvement shows and home d├ęcor magazines, we live in a world where looks matter, A LOT! If you want to gain offers quick, you may need to go beyond decluttering your home. Not all homes will benefit from major home upgrades, but most homes will benefit from taking the time to stage your home. Doing small things like painting and adding new light fixtures can make a big difference. Even just trimming your hedges can increase curb appeal and draw more buyers into your home. 2. Use Professional Photography In today’s digital world, most buyers will view yo

5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Team to List Your Home

When you decide to sell your home at the Lake of the Ozarks , there is a lot to consider. You probably have a lot questions like how much is your home worth, how do you stage your home home, how do I get my home in front of buyers and  much more! The real estate market is ever changing and having a knowledgeable agent to help you list your home can help accelerate the sale of your home. Read on to find our why you should use an agent to help sell your home. 1. Help Marketing Your Home In today's fast-paced digital age, simply sticking a "home for sale" sign in your front yard isn't going to be enough. You need to be able to get your home in front of quality buyers - and since your home typically gets the most traffic during its first thirty days on the market, you need to do it fast. A real estate agent will be able to help you market your home so you can get it in front of as many interested buyers as possible. 2. Pricing Assistance Identifying the a

What is a Competitive Market Analysis and Why are They Important?

When it comes time to sell your home at the Lake of the Ozarks , knowing the market value of your home is important. Deciding on a fair market price can be complicated if you aren’t familiar with the real estate market. That’s why obtaining a Competitive Market Analysis for your home could be very beneficial when you list your home for sale. Read on to learn more about what a Competitive Market Analysis is and why it could benefit both the buyer and the seller. What is a CMA? A comparative market analysis is an examination of the prices at which similar properties in the same area recently sold. Real estate agents perform a comparative market analysis for their clients to help them determine a price to list when selling a home or a price to offer when buying a home. Since no two properties are identical, agents make adjustments for the differences between the sold properties and the one that is about to be purchased or listed to determine a fair offer or sale price. Essentially,

Simple Home Improvement Projects You Can DIY

You’re likely spending more time at home and have probably thought about making a few home improvement projects. Home improvement, whether your projects are big or small, can add value to your home. If you are thinking about selling your home soon or in the foreseeable future, taking the time to keep your home up to date could pay off when you decide to list your home at the Lake of the Ozarks . Read to get a list of simple home improvement projects to make that you can DIY. 1. Check For Leaks Leaks are often some of the most detrimental issues homes can develop. If left unchecked, water that leaks into your home over the course of several months can cause extensive (and expensive) damage. During the rainy days ahead, take the opportunity to check your home thoroughly for any unwanted water that may be coming in and take steps to remedy it. Better yet, hire a professional roofer to come out to inspect your roof BEFORE the rain has a chance to do any damage! 2. Install A Progra