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Get a Jump on Spring Pests

Missouri's Warm Winter Weather May Equal More Pesky Critters! We all the love the warm winter weather this year in Mid Missouri, but so do some other creatures ... namely pesky, unwanted bugs and other pests. You can take action now around your Lake of the Ozarks home to help keep unwanted "guests" out of your house. Here a short list to help you prepare now for the Spring! Ensure there is a one-inch gap between any soil and wood portions of your structure. Keep mulch at least 15 inches from your foundation. Seal any cracks a along the bottom of the house. Eliminate sources of moisture and standing water. Keep trees and other plants trimmed back from the house. Keep trash containers clean and sealed. Screen all windows and doors. These 7 easy tips will help keep Spring and Summer bugs at a minimum around your home! With Spring approaching, now is the perfect time to find your luxury lakefront home in Lake of the Ozarks . We have a tr

The Polar Plunge - One of the BIGGEST Annual Winter Events at Lake of the Ozarks!

The Polar Plunge is the "Official Party of Winter" at Lake of the Ozarks! The Lake is a hot bed of activity during the winter months, and of our most popular events is the Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics.  Whether you are "plunging" or not, this event is a great celebration and a very entertaining way to spend a winter afternoon and evening at Lake of the Ozarks! This "unbearable" event is a unique opportunity for individuals, businesses and organizations to support local Special Olympic athletes by jumping, diving or crawling into the sparkling, frigid waters of Lake of the Ozarks . Since its inception 17 years ago, 20,375 Missourians have taken the Plunge in lakes across the state, raising $4,115,708. Did you know a group of polar bears is called a celebration?  How appropriate for the official party of winter! The Polar Plunge occurs annually in 13 frozen bodies of water across our great state. This weekend it comes to Lake o

6 Steps to Get Control of the Chaos in Your Closet

Get a handle on the chaos with these 6 steps to declutter your closet for good! These easy and low cost tips from Rubbermaid can make your closets functional, organized spaces - allowing you to find what you need, when you need it.   1. Declutter Start by emptying EVERYTHING out of your closet. The general rule of thumb is to keep items you've worn or used in the past year and toss or donate everything else. Separate everything into piles by category: seasonal, keep, repair, donate and toss. This exercise is going to introduce you to storage space you never knew you had.   2. Plan Your Layout - Use every square inch of space and consider installing a closet organization system.Watch this short video from Lowes for useful tips on designing your space and planning your layout.   3. Organize Your Accessories Bins, shoe boxes and hanging organizers provide functional storage options for your accessories, shoes and seasonal items. This short video will ins

New Construction at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Take a moment to view this video of the new construction currently underway on the Shoppes at Eagles Landing! If you are planning a move to the Lake of the Ozarks , you should know that we have a thriving business community, with new business opening and existing business expanding, the economic future of the lake area is looking bright! The introduction of new businesses, especially national franchises to the lake area speaks the confidence these business people and corporations have that the Lake area has the population and consumer base to sustain year round operations.  While business forecasts elsewhere may be down, the City of Osage Beach and microcosm of the Lake of the Ozarks seem prepared for many years of growth and stability, making the area a great choice for those looking for a vacation home, or seeking to relocate to an area with viable business options.    Remember, w hether you seek a luxury waterfront home, condominium, fishing cabin, commercial pro

Lake of the Ozarks Means Business!

Photo taken at a recent weekly Business Social sponsored by the Lake of the Ozarks Business Journal Lake of the Ozarks has an incredible climate for business and networking! If you are planning a move to the Lake of the Ozarks, you should know that we have a thriving business community and there are more business networking opportunities at the Lake than you can imagine. Building trust and credibility with potential clients and customers should be a top goal for any business person, regardless of what business sector you operate in. If you are new to the community, it simply takes a little effort to get out and meet other business leaders to build visibility and credibility in the local area. Once you have it, the business will come. Fortunately, at the Lake of the Ozarks, there's plenty of opportunity to do this! So how do you get visibility for your business? One of the quickest ways to gain visibility is to NETWORK!  Take every opportunity you have to attend t

Super Sharp Lake Home on Shawnee Bend!

Super Sharp lake home on Shawnee Bend! Recently updated and totally furnished with 3 bedrooms 2 bath. Lower lever great room with fireplace, storage/workshop building, dock and lift setting on 122 lake front w/acreage tons of parking and room to build a garage makes this one a real keeper. $299,000 3 bedrooms/ 2 baths 1,955 Square Feet MLS#3082379 The Fran Campbell Team LAKE OF THE OZARKS BEST REALTORS 573-302-2390