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How to Throw a Summertime Housewarming Party

Buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks is exciting, but can be a crazy ride all the way to closing. After you have successfully purchased your home and had a chance to move all of your stuff in, it's time to kick back and celebrate in your new Lake of the Ozarks home ! A great way to celebrate buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks is by throwing a housewarming party to show off your investment! Not sure how to throw a housewarming party this summer? Get a few tips from the Fran Campbell Team below! Make a Plan and Set a Date Choose your party time and type ahead of time. While most people tend to choose casual drinks and light bites, anything goes. Decide whether your event will be during the daytime or evening. You may want to open your home up for friends to come and go throughout the day or if your circle is a bit smaller, a more elaborate dinner party may better suite you. The size and scope of your party will dictate how early you will need send invites and start preppin

Join the Fun at the Great Dam Duck Drop!

We are just a couple weeks away from one of the lake's favorite annual events - The Great Bagnell Dam Duck Drop ! Be sure to make plans to come on out and support our wonderful Lake of the Ozarks community at this awesome event that raises money for many fantastic local organizations. Get registered for the 'Quackiest' golf tournament of the year, or bring the family to enjoy the Family Fun Zone . Be sure to purchase your tickets for a chance to win $5000! This is one family-fun charity event you do not want to miss! DUCK DROP SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 9th Annual Duck Drop Golf Tournament The golf tournament is scheduled for Friday, August 6th at the Golf Club at Deer Chase. The 9th Annual Duck Drop Golf Tournament features quacky "twist" with crazy holes & fun obstacles placed around the course to test your game! New This Year – Set of Calloway Golf Clubs + Bag Contest 1:30 PM Shotgun Start Registration and Lunch begins at Noon 4 Person Scramble GET MORE INFORMATI

6 Downsides of Renting

Oftentimes, people believe that for many reasons, renting is more affordable than owning a home at the Lake of the Ozarks . They're under the impression that it's a good idea to rent a home for a few years before taking the plunge into buying a home of their own. And for some, this may be what feels like their only option due to financial reasons. But for many, this mindset is simply something that's been conditioned due to lack of information given. The truth is, while there are some benefits to renting for some people, renting comes with a unique set of challenges and downsides. All of which can be avoided by purchasing property outright. Fran Campbell Team is here to help educate you on the perks you could be missing out on when you choose renting versus owning your own home. 1. Renting Comes With Restrictions When you are renting, you are subject to the restrictions placed on you by the property owner. Consequently, renters often find important decisions being mad

How to Childproof Your Home

Children are curious by nature. Where you see a coffee table, they see a jungle gym. Where you see couch cushions, they see a fort. Ask any parent or grandparent; children provide an endless source of joy in the household. Children have a uniquely positive view of the world, and their enthusiasm can be infectious. Underneath all the joys of raising children, however, comes a great deal of responsibility. Fran Campbell Team wants to remind you that it is absolutely crucial to ensure that your home provides a safe environment for the little ones in your life. If you are expecting children in your home soon, consider following these tips to childproof your home. 1. Electrical Outlets At best, electric shocks are unpleasant - at worst, they are dangerous. Block electrical outlets in your home from inquisitive fingers with plugs, electrical tapes, or safety latches. 2. Heavy Objects and Furniture Toddlers have a knack for unintentionally knocking things over. If possible, bolt heavy des

Fourth of July Celebrations Around the Lake

If you have ever experienced the 4th of July at the Lake of the Ozarks before, you know that it's always one of the busiest weekends of the entire year. Families and friends will gather from all over to partake in the numerous holiday events taking place at the lake. The 4th of July is about celebrating our nation's independence and enjoying time with our family members and good friends. If you are one of the thousands of individuals preparing for a great holiday weekend at the lake, Fran Campbell Team is here to help you round out your plans. Keep reading to learn about all of the great events, activities, and attractions available to you this weekend. Photo Credit: Fun Lake Fireworks For most people, fireworks are the highlight of any 4th Of July celebration. Here is a quick look at some of the venues that will host professional fireworks displays around the Lake Area this weekend: Bear Bottom Resort July 3rd AND July 4th 9:45 PM 123 Bear Bottom Drive in Sunrise Beach, MO