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Fall Maintenance Tasks for Your Home

Whether you are a new homeowner, you've had your home for years, or you plan to buy a home at the Lake of the Ozarks this fall, once the fall season comes around it's time to complete some seasonal maintenance. In addition to helping you find your Lake of the Ozarks real estate , Fran Campbell Team also wants to help you keep your home in tip-top shape! Consider completing these maintenance projects this fall! Reverse Your Ceiling Fan By remembering to reverse your ceiling fan, you can redistribute the warm air from the ceiling back down to your living space. Cover Your Air Conditioners Vacuuming out the internal parts of your air conditioners and then covering them with an appropriate cover can help your unit last longer and protect it from the elements. If you have a window unit, you can take them out or cover them up according to their instructions. Clean Yard Equipment You will most likely not need your lawnmowers and leaf blowers once you get the landscape cl

Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Buying a Home

Buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks is a big step and you shouldn't buy real estate on a whim. Even if you already own your home, if you are considering moving to a new location, even a new neighborhood, you should take plenty of time to make the right choice for your new home. After all, buying a home is a commitment and you will want to be certain that the home you purchase is the right choice for you and your family. Consider asking yourself these questions before you buy a home at the Lake of the Ozarks . Do I Like My New Neighborhood? You could have the most beautiful home on the block - but if the rest of the block is dingy and unkempt, will you enjoy living there? You're going to live in your new house, but you're going to live in your new neighborhood, too. Don't forget to take a good look at your would-be new surroundings first! Will My New Home Hold Its Resale Value? Even if you plan on living in your new home for the rest of your life, it'

4 Myths About the Home Buying Process

Buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks is a big step, especially if it's your first time. If you have conducted any research at all, including reading articles and what family and friends have told you, you have probably received a lot of advice for buying a home. Even if it isn't your first time, as soon as you say you are ready to buy a home, you will start hear a lot of advice and often there are some discrepancies in the real estate industry. This week, our team of real estate agents at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to clear the air and debunk four myths about buying a home. Myth #1  You Should Never Buy The First House You Tour If you've ever been shopping for homes at the Lake of the Ozarks , you probably had at least one person tell you that you should not buy the first house you see. However, we have worked with several buyers who chose to purchase the first house they ever toured and couldn't be happier. The key is to never purchase a house without

Submitting an Offer on a Home: How Much Should You Offer?

Even if you are not a first time home buyer, determining how much you should offer on the real estate you are interested in can be tricky. The average person isn't purchasing and making real estate deals every day and most of us are accustomed to buying products with a set price that is not negotiable. When it comes to making an offer on real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks there is typically a negotiable price, although this will depend on many circumstances that are ultimately up to the seller. Consider these things when you are ready to make an offer on your dream home at the Lake of the Ozarks . The Negotiation Process When you find the home you want to buy, your first step is to submit an offer. Among other things, your offer should include: Suggested sale price Any furniture or miscellaneous items you want to be included in the sale Suggested closing date Any repairs that must be made before the closing date How much time the sellers have to respond to your off