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What's Age Got To Do With It?

I am constantly empowered by amazing women. I never tire of hearing great stories of strong, independent, ambitious women. These women can be found everywhere you look. It might be the gal that greets your 5 year old at daycare. It may be the amazing Barista at Starbucks that never forgets your name, no matter how long it's been since your last trip. It might be the friend of a friend that you hear about doing mission work in Haiti. Truly phenomenal women. But, as a women, we also tend to judge ourselves by other women. Are we as good as her? As pretty? As remarkable? When I start to feel this way, I turn to one of my inspirations, Ms. Tina Turner! Read below an excerpt about Tina's opinion on body shape. I suggest that you keep this little tidbit in your back pocket for those days that you need a little pick me up. "A 50-year-old woman is equivalent to 40 when I was growing up," Tina tells the London Daily Mail. "If you take care of yourself, 60 is nothing for w

It's a Snow Day!

Rather than talk about Real Estate today, I figured I would just talk about the main topic in Mid-Missouri! SNOW! If you haven't noticed , Mid-MO isn't known for it's ski resorts, winter getaways, or for that matter knowledge of snow plow operations. Those of you that are familiar with our grand Lake know that it's not known for freezing over. Well, today I have proof. This morning our dock is frozen in and the cove has a skim of ice. I am certainly not going to be hosting the first annual LOZ ice fishing tournament on our cove, I do however know that this is not a regular phenomenon! So, today enjoy our wintery pics and remember, that no matter what the weather, wouldn't you rather be at the Lake? Check out all Lake Area listings at today!

Optimize Your Selling Results!

One of Fran Campbell Team's goals is to make the selling process for our clients as easy as possible. While we take great steps to market the home, did you know there are things that the seller can do to make it easier too? Below you will find 5 Seller's Resolutions to help sellers avoid common blunders and get the deal done right! Enjoy! 1. I Will Not Overprice My Home. Every seller naturally wants to get the most money for his or her product. The most common mistake that causes sellers to get less than they hope for, however, is listing too high. Listings reach the greatest proportion of potential buyers shortly after they reach the market. If a property is dismissed as being overpriced early on, it can result in later price reductions, which reflect poorly on the listing. Overpriced properties tend to take an unusually long time to sell, and they end up being sold at a lower price than they likely would have had they been priced properly in the first place. 2. I Will Not L

It's a Great Time to Buy!

Let Fran Campbell Team help you achieve your dream of owning a Lake Home! Now is an ideal time to buy, in most markets prices won't go any lower and there is an abundance of inventory. There are many options out there for many buyers and many sellers who are willing to negotiate and work towards a win-win situation that works for both parties. The National Association of Realtors has created a new website  to help consumers find out the latest information about the housing market and the issues that affect you, information specifically for buyers, how to do more research, and learn more about the benefits of home ownership. Despite some contrary media reports and some moderate losses in value in the short-term, home values long-term have and will continue to rise. Real estate is a long-term investment. Over the past 30 years, the median price of existing homes has increased an average more than 6% every year, according to historical data from NAR's exis