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Holiday Safety Tips

Fran Campbell Team wants each of you to have a very safe and fun Labor Day weekend! Here are some great tips that all boaters, professional or novice, can appreciate. By law, a lifejacket must be available for each person in the boat. Make sure passengers know where those jackets are in case of an emergency. Know what each buoy marking means. Pay attention to the No Wake areas as many children and adults might be swimming in that area. Be aware of your surroundings and drive to the right side of the channel or cove, just as you would on the road. Have a plan mapped out in your head for emergencies before you go out on the water. The more prepared you are, the calmer you tend to be in those situations. Don't drink and drive. Remember that we are all responsible not only for the lives of those on our boats, but the lives of everyone on the Lake. The Water Patrol and the Coast Guard Auxiliary provide free inspections of boats. If you suspect a problem before getting in the water, call

Luxury Real Estate, Luxury Goods - A Peek into the Future

An excerpt from Unique Global Estates- 1980s….Simplicity is elegance….evolves into 2009: Frugal is the New Black…. I believe there is a cross over in these two statements. Consumers are spending, but their purchases are well researched and they are “shopping with their brains not their wallets” as was the case before the economic crisis hit. We are seeing this throughout the real estate industry. Location and price have never been as important. The new consumer knows how to drill the Internet to take advantage of the opportunity to compare prices, research comparables for amenities and familiarize themselves with the location and it’s history. Then, when satisfied that they are educated and informed, and feel that they are getting a “good deal” on pricing, they will get off the fence and make an offer to purchase. We also see that there is a trend leading to successful sales when the list price is low and creates a ‘feeding frenzy” of offers…. This indicates the consumers mindset, a “
Begin to Set Personal Boundaries August 14th, 2009 Do you have a hard time standing up for yourself? Do you keep agreeing to do things that you really don’t want to do? Do you tolerate rude comments or pushy people because you can’t handle conflict? Do you take things personally? Life coach Cheryl Richardson says that creating stronger boundaries is the number one way for most women to improve their lives. Here she shows you how to stand up for yourself! Set personal boundaries and free yourself from the “disease to please” with these three steps! Step One: Self Awareness The first step in learning to set boundaries is self-awareness. For example, pay close attention to the situations when you lose energy, feel a knot in your stomach, or want to cry. Identifying where you need more space, self-respect, energy or personal power is the first step. Another way to identify your boundaries is by completing these three sentences with at least 10 examples. People may not ___________. I have

The Great Bagnell Dam Duck Drop

If you've some extra time and you're thinking, "We haven't visited the Strip this summer" Saturday is the day to "waddle" down to the Bagnell Dam Strip for a great new Lake Event. The 1st Annual Rubber Duck Drop will be happening on Saturday from 8am to 3pm and the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce sponsors it. This is going to be a family friendly fun day. There will be a 5K "Duck Waddle", Family Fun Zone, Entertainment and Food vendors. There are prizes for the winners and even a Lame Duck Price for the last to cross the finish line. So "waddle" on down to the Strip and join in the fun of the 1st Annual Rubber Duck Drop. Check out more about this event at And as always, go to for Lake Area Real Estate Listings!

3rd Annual Arts and Ambiance Fair

Looking for something to do this weekend? Please visit the 3rd Annual Arts and Ambiance Fair at Stone Crest Mall. This years fair will feature up to 40 artisans there will be art on display and available for purchase including oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings and photography, also skilled artisans and craftspeople will offer their jewelry, handmade iron and copper work, wood carvings, handmade paper and more. The event is free to the public but donations will be appreciated for support of our local Habitat for Humanity. The Arts and Ambience Fair runs Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday 11am to 4pm. Support our local artisans and Habitat for Humanity while you at it! Check out for schedules and map of the trail. As always, please check out for Lake Area Real Estate Listings!