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What Counts As A "Luxury Home"?

Congratulations! You're thinking about buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks - and not just any home. You're thinking about taking the plunge and finally investing in the property of your dreams: one of the coveted luxury homes at the Lake .  When you buy a luxury home, you're not just buying a piece of property. You are treating yourself to a whole new way of life. With their magnificent opulence and extravagant amenities, it's easy to see why luxury homes are the most sought-after properties at the Lake of the Ozarks .  Contact Fran Campbell Team to schedule a showing of this incredible luxury home today! (573) 302-2390 What qualifies as a luxury home, though?  As the Lake's specialists in luxury real estate, Fran Campbell Team is here to help you understand some of the defining features of luxury properties and how to identify them. Luxury Home Characteristics Generally speaking, homes qualify as "luxury homes" when they have exquisit

Lake of the Ozarks FUN FACTS

The Lake of the Ozarks is one of the best places to live in the Midwest . The Lake attracts millions of tourists and hundreds of home buyers each year, and all of us at Fran Campbell Team consider ourselves quite lucky to belong to such a wonderful community! If you live somewhere in the Midwest, you've surely heard of the Lake of the Ozarks (if you haven't been here to experience it for yourself), but how much do you know about our beautiful area? You might be amazed by some of these fun facts about the Lake! Bagnell Dam is 2,543 feet long. There are roughly 70,000 docks on the Lake of the Ozarks. The Lake of the Ozarks is approximately 92 miles long. With over 1,100 miles, The Lake has more coastline than the state of California. The Lake holds around 617 billion gallons of water. The original purpose of Bagnell Dam was to supply electricity to St. Louis.  When all of the Bagnell Dam floodgates are open, 1,212,000 gallons of water pass through the flood

House Cleaning Schedule Ideas

House cleaning... Nobody wants to do it, but it has to be done! Many people find house cleaning rather overwhelming, but there are certain tricks you can use to make cleaning your Lake of the Ozarks home easier and more manageable. Fran Campbell Team is here to suggest a simple house cleaning schedule that will keep you on-track (and stress-free)! Every Day - Wipe down kitchen counters and bathroom sinks. Put away prominent objects that are out of place, such as toys, blankets, and books. Scrub visible spots on floor Sweep up noticeable crumbs with a broom or handheld vacuum cleaner. Every Two Weeks -  Dust all surfaces (bookshelves, desks, windowsills, etc). Vacuum/sweep/mop all floors. Clean all of the bathrooms (mirrors, sinks, counters, toilets, tubs/showers). Every Month - Wash all the windows and mirrors. Wipe out all of your trash cans. Clean out your refrigerator (throw out any old/expired food and wipe down all drawers and shelves).

FABULOUS Interior Home For Sale!

When most people think about relocating to the Lake of the Ozarks , they start looking at waterfront properties for sale . Living right on the water can be great fun, but did you know that buying an interior home also offers a unique set of benefits and advantages? This incredible interior home in Eldon could be yours! Call today - (573) 302-2390 Interior Homes Offer... Increased privacy Less money for home maintenance (docks can be expensive to maintain) Less money for insurance If you've been thinking about purchasing an interior home at the Lake of the Ozarks , Fran Campbell Team has the perfect property for you! 10 Helton Drive ~ Eldon, MO This magnificent interior home offers a luxurious lifestyle on 5.1 private, landscaped acres. The lucky new homeowners will get to enjoy completely custom-built features, including... Granite Countertops Cherry Hardwood Flooring Tile Flooring Custom Cabinets Jetted Tub Vaulted Ceilings Window Treatments Spacious