5 Questions to Help you Determine the Right Home at the Lake of the Ozarks

 When buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks, you’ll have options, and the perfect home will vary depending on a few things. Your recreational plans at the Lake. The size of your family. Whether you plan for it to be a first or second home. What type of community you want to live in. Before you pull the trigger and sign that dotted line, ask yourself a few of these questions to ensure your new home at the Lake of the Ozarks checks all your boxes.

Question #1: Does this Home Satisfy My Family’s Needs?

You’re going to see some breathtaking homes here at the Lake. But it’s important not to get totally caught up in awe and remember functionality is important. Does the home have enough space for your family? Can you see your family being both comfortable and entertained in the home? Can the home accommodate extended family and friends? These are all important factors in helping determine the right home for you. Focus on the basic needs, THEN go for the glamorous amenities.

Question #2: Does the TOTAL Cost of this Home Fit Within Our Budget?

You likely know that the listing price isn’t going to be the bottom dollar for purchasing the home. You’ll likely encounter closing costs that include things such as appraisal, the home inspection, insurance, any HoA assessments, taxes, and standard closings costs from title agencies and lenders. When making your budget, consider these additional costs that will be associated so you don’t end up heartbroken from the dream home you can’t quite afford, or worse, being overextended with your homeownership obligations.

Question #3: Will This Home Retain Its Value Over the Years?

It's important to think resale value, regardless of whether you plan for this to be your forever home or not. While you may not sell it in your lifetime, your family may decide that it is the right option at some point in time. So, a few things to consider are, will you be able to increase the home's worth through home improvement projects? Are the surroundings appealing - and if so, are they likely to stay that way? How is the market currently doing, and what is it projected to do in the future? Since you’re looking to buy in a prime vacation destination in the Midwest it’s typically a safe bet to assume that you’ll have potential buyers awaiting should the home be listed for sale.

Question #4: Can I See Myself Living in This Neighborhood?

Even if you have the most beautiful home in your neighborhood, would you enjoy living there if it lies within an unkempt area? How about next to a busy marina? What’s the thru traffic like in the community? This will come down to your personal preferences but is nonetheless something to consider when buying a home. Walk the neighborhood and determine if you could envision yourself staying here happily.

Question #5: Can I Live with My New Commute?

It’s no surprise that work commutes have a strong influence on overall satisfaction with both your job and daily life. Be sure that you gauge the commute time from home to work, to the grocery store, and wherever else you may be going on a frequent basis. We recommend testing the drive, or at least GPS the route to get an idea. How are the roadways, traffic, and even scenery of the commute? After all, you’ll likely be taking parts of it each and every day. Be sure you enjoy it as much as possible!

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If you're satisfied with your answers to all of these questions, then congratulations! It looks like you've found your new dream home at the Lake of the Ozarks! If not, the Fran Campbell Team is ready to help you find the perfect home for you and your family. Contact our friendly Lake of the Ozarks real estate agents to get started!

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