4 Myths About Selling Your Home

Last week, we examined four common misconceptions about buying a house. Buying isn't the only part of real estate that can be a little confusing, however. This week, we're continuing the conversation by debunking some of the myths about selling property at the Lake of the Ozarks. When you're ready to think about selling, make sure you don't fall victim to these common mistakes!

Myth #1:
As Long As You get Your Home Generally Straightened Up, You'll Be Fine.
If you're selling your home in Osage Beach MO or any of the surrounding areas, it's time to clean and organize your home like never before. Simply straightening up as you would to prepare for company is not enough. Now is the time to deep clean every square inch of your property, decluttering as you go. Scrub the baseboards, the front of the refrigerator, light switch plates, and everything else you lay eyes on. The deepest cleaning should happen before you take pictures to list your home, but a general cleaning should take place before every showing.

Myth #2:
Your Property Is The Only Thing You Have To Offer The Buyers.
All buyers are looking for a great deal. While the condition of your property will have a lot to do with their decision to buy, you can offer several other incentives to attract buyers' attention. You can offer to help with closing costs, for example, or offer to purchase a home warranty program that will pay for any appliance repairs that may arise within the first year. You can also offer to leave behind certain pieces of furniture and/or artwork that may work great in your old home but will not fit as well in your new property. Buyers love extras!

Myth #3:
You Should Sell Your Home By Yourself To Save Money On The Agent's Commission.
If you're looking for ways to save money, FSBO (For Sale by Owner) may seem like a tempting option at first. However, statistics indicate that FSBO often ends up costing sellers much more in the long run. The sale price of the home is usually lower, and sellers have a much harder time finding interested buyers in the first place. Seller's agents provide valuable marketing resources that can't be found anywhere else. Your agent can also provide much-needed guidance and representation during the complex negotiation process. Your home is likely your greatest financial asset - why face the risks of not having an experienced professional on your side?

Myth #4:
You Should Price Your Home Higher In The Beginning So You Have Room To Gradually Lower It Over Time.
Though incredibly common, this is a particularly dangerous misconception. While some sellers believe they should overprice their home in the beginning so that they have room to lower it overtime, overpricing your home can decrease your home's visibility, foot traffic, and interest in your home. As you begin to drop your price later, it can make you seem desperate and buyers may attempt to take advantage of your situation. You will be much better off pricing your home accurately from the beginning. You can drop your price later on, but only if absolutely necessary.

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