Gardening in Small Spaces

With the rising cost of produce and the growing concern about chemicals and pesticides, people are looking at starting their own gardens.  The problem that many people run into is the limited space that is available to devote to a garden.  

There may be many reasons that you are limited;  you may live in a condo with NO yard, you may live in a home with a very small yard, or perhaps you are just not comfortable with digging up your landscaped yard.  Whatever the reason, you can still have your own garden - check out these ideas for some inspiration!!

  1. Work with the space you have.  Flower beds and pots are the perfect place to start your garden. Evaluate the space that you have and visit your local garden/hardware shop to find the plants that will work best in your space.
  2. Maximize space by going vertical.  Try planting vegetables, such as squash or zucchini, that will "climb" up a trellis or other structure. Consider planting a cherry tomato vine over an arbor or let them spill down over the arbor - Get creative!!
  3. Grow herbs.  If the thought of even starting a small garden overwhelms you, herbs can be a great place for you to start!! Herb gardens require very little space and will easily grow in pots.  Plus, herbs can be very expensive to buy and remarkably cheap to grow.  
  4. Plant a fruit tree.  If you have the space permitted for a fruit tree, you have just made a small investment that will produce fruit for decades!! Apple and pear trees are two of the hardiest trees that will manage very well even in the colder Missouri winter months. 
We hope that these ideas will help inspire you to try your hand at gardening. Just remember, keep it simple for small spaces and start at a level within your comfort zone!!

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