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4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Paint Finish

Recently we discussed how to choose the right color of paint for your next project.  Choosing the right color is very important but choosing the right finish is equally important.  There are several factors to consider when choosing the finish - here are a few tips on the different types of paint that will hopefully help you make the right choice.

Flat paint is usually the best choice if you have difficult conditions to work with. Generally speaking, the worse the condition of your walls, woodwork or molding, the more you need to lean towards flat paint.  Flat or eggshell finishes of paint show little of the irregularities of the old paint layer you’re covering with new paint. Satin finish is a good choice for old woodwork and doors. It has good durability and can hide irregular drips.Semi-gloss paint is very good for use in bathrooms, kitchens and on doors. It’s durable and cleanable.Gloss paint is the most durable finish. It also provides an exciting shine, especially in contemporary…

The 2013 AquaPalooza returns to Lake of the Ozarks!!!

It's time for the Lake's Largest Family Boating Event, Aquapalooza!  This fantastic annual event will be held July 20, 2013!!

This is another family friendly event at Lake of the Ozarks featuring fun activities to keep everyone entertained.   There will be free concerts, giveaways and so much more.  The free concert will feature 4 incredible bands: The Brian Collins Band, Nic Cowan, The Devonshires and Rock Paper Scissors.  

All boaters, regardless of make and model, are invited to join the fun-filled afternoon at Dog Days Bar & Grill from noon - 5pm at the 19 mile marker at Lake of the Ozarks, or just off Jeffries Road in Osage Beach by land.

AquaPalooza was created by Sea Ray Boats in 2006 and has since taken on a life all its own. It welcomes power boaters, sailors, jet skiers, kayakers, canoeists and everyone else who wants to be there. Any boat. Any brand. So, come families, friends and fellow water-lovers. Join the tens of thousands who have taken part in this gran…

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6 Tips to Select the Perfect Paint Color to Freshen Up a Room

Last week we suggested that you consider a new paint color if you have a room that is looking a little drab.

Now, to the next step...choosing a paint color.  This process can be difficult and overwhelming because there are sooo many color options!

Here are a few tips that will help you choose that perfect color for your home:
Review the collection of paint colors at your local home improvement store. Bring swatches of fabric, photos, or something from the room that will help you narrow down your search.  Once you locate the shade that you believe is the right for your room, go up and down the “shade” of this color. This will provide a family of shades that represent the same color.Determine which paint finish you will want to use:  flat, eggshell, semi-gloss etc.  Purchase samples of all three colors to help you narrow down to your favorite shade.   Paint a section of your wall with each of the colors.  You will want to test the color at the base, middle and near the ceiling.  Allow the…

8 Painting Tips to Make your Next Project a Breeze

Do you have a tired old room that is in desperate need of a makeover but don't want the expense of a remodel, new furniture and decor?  Well, how about a fresh coat of paint?  A new splash of color can spruce up just about any drab room and give it new life. 

Before you dive in, be sure to read these ideas to make your job a little easier. Line your paint tray with a plastic bag or aluminum foil. Some trays will fit nicely into a small garbage or grocery bag AND you'll never have to buy a new tray or wash one.Use bed raisers, 2x4 scraps or wooden blocks to raise your furniture and avoid painting the floor or surface.Have a small area that you don't want to paint? Cover the area with Vaseline  - works great for screws or hinges.If your painters tape is peeling and won't come out in one piece, place it in the microwave for 10 seconds and it will be like new.If you need to take a break and want to keep your brush and rollers from getting hard, simply wrap them in a plastic…

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