6 Tips to Select the Perfect Paint Color to Freshen Up a Room

Last week we suggested that you consider a new paint color if you have a room that is looking a little drab.

Now, to the next step...choosing a paint color.  This process can be difficult and overwhelming because there are sooo many color options!

Here are a few tips that will help you choose that perfect color for your home:
  1. Review the collection of paint colors at your local home improvement store. Bring swatches of fabric, photos, or something from the room that will help you narrow down your search.  
  2. Once you locate the shade that you believe is the right for your room, go up and down the “shade” of this color. This will provide a family of shades that represent the same color.
  3. Determine which paint finish you will want to use:  flat, eggshell, semi-gloss etc.  
  4. Purchase samples of all three colors to help you narrow down to your favorite shade.   
  5. Paint a section of your wall with each of the colors.  You will want to test the color at the base, middle and near the ceiling.  Allow the paint to dry before making a decision. Typically, the paint will be darker when it dries.
  6. When you are making your final decision, be sure to view the paint during the day and evening due to the natural lighting in the house. 
If you are lucky, you will have your decision after purchasing the 3 samples, however, do not get discouraged if you are still not content with your color. Discuss your colors with the experts at your home improvement store or paint store - be sure to tell them what you do not like about the colors and ask for suggestions.

We hope these tips on choosing a paint color will help you with your next painting project!  Be sure to check out our blog 8 Painting Tips to Make your Next Project a Breeze!

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