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Great Ideas to Entertain your Kids on a Snow Day

Another day of snow in the Mid-west means another day out of school for the kiddos!!  Although everyone enjoys sleeping in on a snow day, what in the world do you do with your kids once they wake up??  We thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas on how to entertain your kids!  

Here are the top ideas from the Fran Campbell Team to inspire your creativity.  

Fill spray bottles or squeeze top bottles (dish soap, Gatorade) with colored water and create designs in the snow.Look for animal tracks or make your own using cars, spoons or shoes.  Experiment with freezing different sized containers of water outside.  Which freeze fastest?Go Sledding!Build a Snowman or a snow fort or make snow angelsBAKE - kids love baking cookies or treats that they can enjoy eating later.Bring a container of snow inside and let it melt.  Look with a magnifier at the impurities in that remain after melting.Use the same tools you would use for sand castles to build snow castles.  Or simply use pots or b…

Only $79,000! Summer Fun Awaits!


2013 Polar Bear Plunge Lake Ozark

After weeks and months of planning, it is time to take a plunge in the chilly waters of Lake of the Ozarks!!  If you haven't been to the Lake of the Ozark Polar Bear Plunge, be sure to join the fun this Saturday February 23rd at the Lake of the Ozarks Public Beach #2!!

You may wonder, what could possess someone to jump in the frigid Lake of the Ozarks Waters in  February?  The brave souls of the Polar Bear Plunge jump into the waters to raise money for the Special Olympics Missouri.  Each participant collects donations and pledges as they commit to plunge into the icy waters.  The event has brought more than 600 plungers and raised more than $200,000.  

Many of the participants and teams will dress in costumes for the event and costumes are encouraged by event organizers. If you don't think you can commit to plunge, be sure to come out and cheer them on as theyy walk, run, crawl, dive and plunge into the waters of the Lake of the Ozarks.

Here is the schedule of Events for the D…

4 Reasons to Buy Real Estate Now!!

In recent years, the Real Estate market has caused many people to hesitate to buy a home - however, all signs indicate that the market is recovering and that NOW is the time to buy.  Here are just a few great reasons to consider buying your home now.
Mortgage Interest Rates are still low - The Mortgage Bankers Association has predicted that rates will slowly creep up to 4.4% in 2013.  Capture that lower rate and let us help you find your home!Home Prices are Rising - a recent study showed that prices have appreciated 5.5% since 2012 and are expected to continue over the next 5 years.  Find your next Lake of the Ozarks Home before the price rises.Renting a home is becoming more expensive - Zillow reported that rent had increased by 4.2% over the last year.  Put your hard earned money towardsReal Estate at Lake of the Ozarks!New Mortgage Regulation will be announced later this year.  The most important regulations will include possible changes to the minimum down payment and minimum FICO…

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