Great Ideas to Entertain your Kids on a Snow Day

Another day of snow in the Mid-west means another day out of school for the kiddos!!  Although everyone enjoys sleeping in on a snow day, what in the world do you do with your kids once they wake up??  We thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas on how to entertain your kids!  

Here are the top ideas from the Fran Campbell Team to inspire your creativity.  

  • Fill spray bottles or squeeze top bottles (dish soap, Gatorade) with colored water and create designs in the snow.
  • Look for animal tracks or make your own using cars, spoons or shoes.  
  • Experiment with freezing different sized containers of water outside.  Which freeze fastest?
  • Go Sledding!
  • Build a Snowman or a snow fort or make snow angels
  • BAKE - kids love baking cookies or treats that they can enjoy eating later.
  • Bring a container of snow inside and let it melt.  Look with a magnifier at the impurities in that remain after melting.
  • Use the same tools you would use for sand castles to build snow castles.  Or simply use pots or bowls to make snow castles.
  • Press cookie cutters into the snow to make shapes, or use letter cookie cutters to write a message.  This works best in packed snow. 
  • Catch snowflakes on black paper or black felt and examine them with a magnifying glass (quickly examine them).
  • Teach your kids how to crochet or knit
  • Family board games - rarely is there enough time in the evening to sit down for board games.  A snow day is the perfect opportunity to pull them out for a little friendly competition. 
  • Play Tic Tac Toe in the snow using sticks for your X and pine cones or other objects for your "O"
  • Blow Bubbles in the freezing temperatures and watch them freeze.
Above all else, enjoy your snow day with your children - one day you will truly enjoy looking back at this day of fun memories.  Happy Snow Day!!

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