4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Paint Finish

Recently we discussed how to choose the right color of paint for your next project.  Choosing the right color is very important but choosing the right finish is equally important.  There are several factors to consider when choosing the finish - here are a few tips on the different types of paint that will hopefully help you make the right choice.

  1. Flat paint is usually the best choice if you have difficult conditions to work with. Generally speaking, the worse the condition of your walls, woodwork or molding, the more you need to lean towards flat paint.  Flat or eggshell finishes of paint show little of the irregularities of the old paint layer you’re covering with new paint. 
  2. Satin finish is a good choice for old woodwork and doors. It has good durability and can hide irregular drips.
  3. Semi-gloss paint is very good for use in bathrooms, kitchens and on doors. It’s durable and cleanable.
  4. Gloss paint is the most durable finish. It also provides an exciting shine, especially in contemporary interiors, where it draws attention to the molding and doors (if that is what you want to do). It should be used only when surfaces are clean and without bumps, drip marks or other imperfections since it’s shine will enhance any problem.
If you are getting ready to sell your Lake of the Ozarks Home, a coat of paint in the right finish is a quick and easy way to make your room look fresh and clean!!

We hope these tips on choosing a paint color will help you with your next painting project!  Be sure to check out our blog 8 Painting Tips to Make your Next Project a Breeze!

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