7 Tips for Throwing a Housewarming Party!

Buying a home at the Lake of the Ozarks for the first time is an exciting accomplishment. Once you get settled in, a fun way to show of your new home is by hosting a housewarming party! After you move into a new home, many of your family members and friends are excited for you and ready to see your new home. Throwing a housewarming party is a great way to show off your new Lake of the Ozarks home to a large group of people all at one time. Read on to get a few tips for throwing a housewarming party from the Fran Campbell Team.

1. Invite, Invite, Invite!
If you're looking to show off your new home to family and friends, creating an invite on social media can save you some time. If, however, you're looking to get to know the neighbors, a personal or printed invitation is the best option since your new neighbors are probably not on your friends list yet. Adding a simple personalized message on your invites such as “Hope to see you there!” will increase your chances of a higher turn-out and shows that you are truly excited to host your guests.

2. Make Your Home Presentable
Your guests are there to see your new home and will expect to see most of the rooms in your house during the tour. Before your guests arrive and the tours begin, be sure that each room is spotless, no laundry is left on the floor and that the trash has been taken out. Your home doesn't have to stay this way at all times, but for the one night when your home is in the spotlight of the entire neighborhood, show it off with pride!
3. Make it Fun with a Theme!
Not only are themes fun, but having a themed party makes it easy to plan menus and decorations. You can also try coupling your housewarming with a holiday party. For example, a Halloween get-together that’s scheduled immediately after trick-or-treating can be a great way to meet the neighbors and initiate new friendships.

4. Skip Giving a Grand Tour
While it may seem easier to just wait until everyone has arrived to show off the new home one time, don't go this route. Instead, give quick, individual house tours to people as you meet them. This way you get a chance to have a one-on-one chat with everyone at your party and they get to see your new digs without having to try to peek over someone's shoulder!

5. Forget the Four Course Meal
This is the time to get to know your neighbors and to show off your beautiful new home, not your fine china. So skip a sit-down dinner and offer plenty of finger foods to encourage mingling and give the gathering a more laid-back feel. Label each food so guests with dietary restrictions know what they can safely eat.

6. Play Some Pleasant Background Music
Your guests may be just as nervous as you are if this is the first time you'll be meeting some of your new neighbors, so try to create a relaxing enjoyable atmosphere. Most of the evening will likely be spent getting to know your neighbors, but make them feel more comfortable even in the lull of the conversation by having music softly playing in the background. Who knows? It may strike up another conversation and you may find your neighbors have the same interest in music!

7. Don't Forget to Thank Your Guests
Always remember to be a gracious host and send “Thank you” cards to all of your guests after the party. Keep it simple with just a few lines of text. Be casual and genuine and let them know that you hope to see them again soon! And don't forget to thank them if they gave you a housewarming gift!

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