Fall Staging Tips to Get Your Home SOLD!

Are you planning to list your Lake of the Ozarks home this Fall? Fall is a great time to list your home and now is the time to start thinking about how you plan to stage your home. Staging your home plays a big role in your potential buyers' first impression of your home and whether they plan to buy it or not. That's why today, our team of top-notch real estate agents of the Lake of the Ozarks has some tips for staging your home this fall!

Add Seasonal Plants

Change out your plant containers and pots around your home to show off hardier plants that will flourish this time of year. Try colorful mums, goldenrods, burning bush or aster to show off a lively space.

Create a Welcoming Front Porch

With a new season comes a new look. Add a new welcome mat and a few seasonal plants and pumpkins. Hang a wreath on the door that embraces fall foliage, so it can be used through the Thanksgiving holiday. Add a festive seating area if you have the space. Put out colorful, fall-inspired pillows and a throw blanket when showing to create a feel of comfort and coziness.

Light Up the Interior

With shorter days on the way you may need to add more lighting inside your home to really highlight the space during showings. Make sure to turn on all the lights when showing your home. If you have your lights on a timer, make sure to adjust accordingly for the time change to ensure your home is well lit and welcoming for those evening showings.

Maintain Your Lawn

Soon enough, leaves will be making a mess on your lawn, so rake them frequently while on the market. Also, now is the time to repair any brown spots in your lawn and fertilize it. It's still important to continue watering your lawn to prevent the grass from drying out, but you won't need to do this as often now that cooler temperatures are here. You should schedule for your irrigation system to be winterized now though so it doesn't get forgotten and missed.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

This time of year, trees are beginning to shed their leaves and soon will clog up your gutters. Because moisture can turn to ice during the fall and winter, you want to make sure any water is easily being removed from your home’s structure. Whether you do it yourself, or have a professional do it for you, make sure your gutters remain clear of any debris that could cause blockage and potentially cause water damage to your home.

Focus on the Fireplace

During this time of year the fireplace will become the center of attention. Make sure to check the fireplace and chimney are working properly. Create a seating area around the fireplace, bring in wood and set up a fall scene on your mantel.

Find the Perfect Temperature

Check your heater, schedule your semi-annual heating and HVAC maintenance and prepare to transfer from the air conditioning to heat. With the temperatures fluctuating regularly this time of year, it's important to keep track of the upcoming weather and expected temperatures so you can heat or cool your home accordingly to keep it comfortable. If your home is too hot or too cold, a buyer may become distracted by that and miss out on all that your home has to offer.

 Change Up Decor

Say goodbye to summer by adding a few cozy autumnal touches around your house. Replace lighter colored summery accessories with warmer colors that warm up your home. Pumpkins, owls or birds, leaves and other natural elements can be used in your decor to remind you of the fall season and harvest time.

Fall is quickly approaching and if you're wanting to sell your home at the Lake fo the Ozarks now is the time to reach out to a trusted real estate agent at the Lake of the Ozarks to help sell your home! The Fran Campbell Team is here to help give you helpful tips and guide you through selling your home quickly! Give us a call and let's get your home SOLD this fall!

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