Ensure Your Dock is Safe this Boating Season

With boating season rapidly approaching, it's important for all dock owners to start planning ahead for another busy summer on the water. If you own a lakefront home with a dock, now is the time to get your dock inspection done to ensure that your dock has proper electrical wiring and is safe for those that will be on and around your dock in the months to come.

Dock Requirements
If you are purchasing a Lake of the Ozarks home, the local fire protection districts at Lake of the Ozarks require electrical inspections and permits for all private boat docks equipped with electric power. The permit will be through Ameren Missouri, however, the inspection is a separate service that requires an additional fee paid to your local fire department or professional electrician.

Helpful Links
Although inspections are not required after your initial inspection approval, it is each individual dock owner's responsibility to make sure their dock is electrically safe. Here are some helpful links from Ameren Missouri that give more detail on the requirements and safety of your dock.
Dock Safety Tips
Besides making sure that your dock is up to code and your permits are good, there are some other things you'll want to check to ensure safety this summer.

Check the Boat Lift Cables
Your boat lift cables, when exposed, can harm those nearby. Check them routinely for weak spots, and make sure they’re clean. Dirt and debris, over time, can weaken your cables. If they’re weak, they may snap—injuring those nearby.

Get Regular Electrical Inspections
Even when your systems function perfectly, your electronics still need observation. Docks have exposure to a lot of elements. They experience electrical damages with relative frequency. Make sure any lighting on your dock works. Check wiring for corrosion, breaks and shots. Have a technician examine your setup at least twice per year.

Watch Out for Ropes, String and Rigging
These items often don’t get enough attention, but they can spell out disaster if they aren’t watched. Passerby can get tangled in them. If this happens, you may be dealing with a rescue swimming operation. These items also conduct electricity. If they’re exposed to nearby outlets, they can give a nasty shock to those nearby.

If You Feel a Shock, Swim Away From the Dock!
Last, but certainly not least, make sure everyone who uses your dock or boat knows this rule. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to become seriously injured or worse while swimming around your dock. And while your dock may have recently been inspected, outside exposure to elements can affect your dock's electric at any time. Better to be safe than sorry.

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