Improving Your Home's Value One Space at a Time: The Dining Room

Last week, we gave tips on how to improve the value of your home in your kitchen. This week we're focusing on an extension of the kitchen: the dining room. While many families feel like they're just too busy to actually sit down and have a nice family dinner around the table every single night, it's still the one place that everyone gathers for special occasions, such as holidays and birthdays. Since the dining room is used more for special occasions these days, and less for everyday use, you really want this room to make a statement that stands the test of time and is suitable for all occasions and seasons. Here are some tips from the Fran Campbell Team for improving your home's value in the dining room.

Choose the Right Paint Color
Color can be a powerful tool for attracting buyers to a home, especially in listing photos and videos. Painting walls in fresh, natural-looking colors (particularly in shades of blue and pale gray) not only make a home feel larger, but also are neutral enough to help future buyers envision themselves living in the space. Studies show that homes with dining rooms in slate blue, blue-gray and even navy blue, when paired with distressed white finishes sell for an average of nearly $2,000 more.

Set the Mood with Lighting
Most dining rooms look best with an overhead pendant or chandelier hanging over the table. If the room isn’t too big this will suffice, but you can also consider wall sconces, or even table lamps if you have a serving table or buffet to put them on. A timeless, elegant chandelier can add a touch of style to a dining room. You’ll increase your property value while giving your living space some character with elements other than furniture.

Pick Out New Flooring
While there are a lot of great options for flooring, and what you choose will ultimately be determined by your budget and lifestyle, hardwood flooring is usually a good bet for adding value to your home.
Hardwood is a durable surface that combines good looks with a surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Now, if your budget doesn't allow it, there are other great options besides hardwood, such as laminate flooring. It is quick and easy to install and durable. Carpet in the dining room would not be a good choice because of spills.

Upgrade the Hardware
Dining rooms probably aren’t the first rooms you think of when you think about hardware, but chances are pretty good that you have a few switch plates and doorknobs somewhere in there. It’s important that you don’t overlook these things as shabby or dated hardware will make the rest of the room look that way. Make sure any hardware in the room is up-to-date and stylish.

By making these upgrades to your dining room, you'll create a space that buyers will love, and will be willing to pay more for! For more tips on improving your home's value and strategies for selling a home, trust the Fran Campbell Team, the best real estate team at the Lake of the Ozarks, to have your back throughout your entire real estate transaction. Stay tuned for next week's blog where we'll give you tips for improving your home's value in the living room!


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