Renovation Tips to Make That Sale in 2017

A new year is fast approaching and if you're like many homeowners hoping to sell in 2017, you may be considering a few home upgrades to draw in potential buyers. The Fran Campbell Team knows that some simple home renovations may be exactly what you need to perk up your property. Our experienced real estate agents understand that your primary goal is obtaining the best price for your home and we have some suggestions to help you renovate to sell in the new year. 

Prioritize and Focus on High Traffic Areas in Your Home

When you make the decision to remodel your home's interior, focus your efforts on updating areas where traffic is high. This means, target entryways, kitchens, bathrooms and even stairways. These are the areas that often suffer from the most wear and tear and can make lasting impressions on potential buyers. In kitchens and bathrooms, consider new counter tops, sinks and fixtures. If new cabinetry is in the budget, the fresh look won't go unnoticed.

From Floor to Ceiling - What Do YOU See?

You may not notice the scuffs and bruises that blemish your walls from day to day, but buyers usually do. Brighten your walls with a fresh coat of paint - you'll notice the difference immediately. It's a good idea to walk through your home, beginning from the front door, noting needed improvements. Curb appeal is important, consider a few exterior repairs to help transform your home. Your goal is to make positive initial impressions and create a positive environment for the buyer. 

To Replace or to Re-purpose?

Keep in mind, it isn't always necessary to add new expensive materials in an effort to update your property. It may be possible to refinish or re-purpose things like, hardwood floors or existing cabinets. Depending on your home, remember, buyers often admire homes for their potential and imagine themselves doing certain updates as well. Do what makes sense and do it as best as possible. Unfinished renovations can be a turn off to buyers who want a turn-key style home.   

Give Your Home a Face-lift With an Exterior Renovation

If your home is sagging in a few places, a new facade may be exactly what you need to add appeal and lure in buyers. There are many options to choose from when considering a new exterior material, think: siding, wood shakes, stone, stucco. A new exterior may be exactly what you need to bring in a few more dollars on your sale price. If your exterior is wood, a fresh coat of paint may be worth much more than the initial investment - neutral color schemes are always a safe bet when hoping to sell. 

Structural Security - Make Your Home Safe

Buyers and inspectors will be looking carefully at your home. You'll want to make any appropriate repairs to your home's foundation and general structural integrity. It may be advisable to invite a renovation team with experience in this area to give your place a good safety inspection. 

A Little Extra can go a Long Way

Most of us know that living at the Lake of the Ozarks means enjoying the summer to the fullest. Outdoor living space can be a great addition to your home if you have the space and can add value to your home. A stylish outdoor kitchen and patio with plumbing and electric can create a wonderful area for entertaining. The possibilities are limitless where outdoor living is concerned - depending on your space limitations. At the Lake, an outdoor lifestyle is important to many and a complete outdoor entertainment area could be a great selling point.
When your home is renovated and ready to sell, The Fran Campbell Team is your choice agency to list your property and get it sold! Our client's satisfaction is our primary goal and we work tirelessly to achieve a positive outcome for you. Consider making some smart home renovations then contact Fran Campbell Team, the Lake of the Ozark's premier real estate team - Let's work together to sell that house!
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