Organize Your Kitchen For The Holidays

It's that time of year again! Friends, family and guests travel near and far to visit their loved ones, and if your house is the warm and cozy destination of the season, you may have a lofty to-do list. It's possible you've been scheduling your meal planning and working on the holiday decor for weeks but there's something more you can do to help destress before the droves arrive. People generally congregate in the kitchen, which means one of the busiest places in your home is about become even busier!  To help you prepare for all the holiday traffic your kitchen is about to encounter Fran Campbell Team - RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks is here with a few easy ways to declutter and help make the festivities smooth sailing. 

Clear Out Unused Or Unneeded Items

We typically do this as the seasons roll around, think "Spring Cleaning" but it's easy to find your kitchen with excess items this time of year. Now is a great time to give your kitchen a once over and evaluate what items, food or otherwise, you might be able to do without. Still holding onto some ancient plates and mismatched bowls? If you haven't used it in a year, chances are, you don't need it. The Lake of the Ozarks has several centers accepting donations of gently used items, and a food bank that would be eager to accept unopened food that hasn't expired. Consider donating your unneeded items, and make room for the delights of the season.

Move Small Appliances Out Of The Way

Is your countertop cluttered with appliances you rarely use? If your blender has a permanent spot on the counter but you haven't actually blended anything in ages, you may be able to find a place for it in the pantry or under the stairs for the time being. Clearing your kitchen countertops of appliances that aren't used daily, you'll find yourself with more room for holiday food prep, baking and entertaining.

Pots And Pans Can Be Hung

You've probably seen it in home decor and styling magazines or possibly in homes you admire - a hanging pot rack might be just what your kitchen needs to free up your cabinet and drawer space. Pots and pans can be hung along the rod system above your island (if you have one) and not only is it convenient, it can be a great aesthetic complement to your space. 

Have You Seen Portable Islands?

If your home is a special place that people love to come for the holidays then chances are, guests bring a selection of food and beverages. Portable islands or, rolling carts as they're sometimes called, are a great addition to a crowded kitchen this time of year. You'll love to stock it with drinks, glasses, snacks and general party supplies. Whether you need a designated bar area or a little extra counter space, a cart can be a life saver.

Organize Your Cabinets And Drawers

Once you've got your game plan and you've removed the excess items from your cabinets and drawers, it's a good idea to organize your space. Keep the items you use often at close hand and put the things you may not need over the holidays towards the back. You can add trays, shelving and dividers where necessary and watch the efficiency improve.

Whether you've got guests rolling in for the holidays or your kitchen could simply use a bit of attention, consider these tips from your favorite real estate group, Fran Campbell Team. If you haven't found your dream home, our experienced real estate team is ready to help you close the deal on any lake area property. Give our office a call at (573) 302-2390.


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