How To Have Successful Holiday Season Showings

Selling your property can be stressful any time of year and as the winter holiday season approaches, the parties, holiday events and out-of-town guests are likely to increase. Simply living in your home can be a challenge while you have it on the market – keeping it neat and tidy at all times is not something most achieve with ease. So entertaining and decorating for special occasions might just seem impossible! Fran Campbell Team wants to share some tips and tricks for ensuring success in showing your home and living in it around the holidays, too.

Decorating – Highlight the Home

Celebrating holidays and events with festive decor can make your home more memorable to potential buyers. We do advise you to be aware of the scale of items you bring in to decorate your home for the holidays. Choose decorations to showcase great features of the home – if you have a high ceiling with crown molding, a tall holiday tree can illuminate this asset. However, if your space is small, ensure that the tree you choose does not overpower the room. Remember, home-made decorations may be beautiful, but consider the look before unpacking everything you’ve saved over the years.

Host a party

It's a great time to have a party! In addition to the exposure Fran Campbell Team is providing prospective buyers, you have the opportunity to entertain your friends and remind them that your home is for sale and to share the news with others. Do keep in mind, if you are selling your home during the busy season of entertaining and holidays, weekends are prime time for showing a home - have your party at the beginning or middle of the week as not to impact potential showings.

Holiday Smells

It seems like nearly everywhere you go, the holiday season creates a natural time for good smells. Scents of baking, evergreen trees and cinnamon spice are common, however, watch out for overpowering smells of other food and overly scented candles, you don’t want it to seem like you are masking other unpleasant odors.

Clean Up

All good things must come to an end, and that includes taking down your decorations in a timely manner. If you can't avoid going over the top with the party trimmings, have a plan for how and when things to return your home to it's normal state. If you hosted a holiday party or two don't forget to give the exterior of your property a good walk around. Have a plan to remove all trash to enhance your curb appeal. 

If your home is on the market during this busy time of year, we want you to enjoy the holidays as usual. You don't have to stop entertaining but you do need to focus on things from a buyers perspective. If you've not yet listed your home but need to sell Fran Campbell Team would love to share your Lake of the Ozarks property with potential buyers. Give us a call to find out how our experienced real estate team can help you. Enjoy your home, show it off at your holiday parties, and keep these tips in mind and you're guaranteed to have successful showings this season!


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