Home Tips For Winter Weatherizing!

Do you feel the chill in the air? Whether you call the Lake of the Ozarks home year round or enjoy a summer house in the area, winter is coming and you’ve probably given weatherizing your property some thought. Fran Campbell Team has compiled a to-do list to help you get your home prepared for the coolest months in Missouri. If you haven't found that perfect place to spend your seasons, call Fran Campbell Team and we will help you find your own home to cozy up in this winter.

Clean The Gutters

It's a nasty job, but someone has to do it! You can hire someone, or you can do it yourself but don't let clogged gutters be the cause of ice build up and damage this winter. Before the leaves really start to fall, clean your gutters and cover them with mesh guards to keep them clean of debris. Keeping your home's gutters clean will keep you from pricey repairs this winter.

Clean Your Garage & Store Machinery

Take time this fall to clean and organize your garage. You'll be glad you did! Make room in your garage to store your outdoor summer equipment, they'll be used less often and you don't want the unpredictable Missouri weather to damage them. Probably a good time to locate the snow shovels too!

Give Your Furnace A Test Run

We've had some chilly nights already, but if you haven't run your heat, it's a good idea to turn it on and ensure it's working properly. If you have to call a service technician to inspect your heating system, you'll want to do that as soon as possible to avoid long wait times as winter ascends. When your furnace runs efficiently, it also helps keep energy costs low. Also, be sure to clean or replace dirty furnace filters for maximum benefit.

Check Your Fireplace

While we're on the subject of warmth, now is the time to hire a chimney sweep to take a look at your flue. You want to confirm that the fireplace is working properly and there are no blockages before you burn your first bundle of wood.

Inspect The Roof

Walk the perimeter around your house to check on any roof leaks or bad shingles. Without a properly functioning roof, you could get water damage which can cause deterioration to your homes’ insulation, wood, or drywall. Hopefully, there are no concerns and your roof is ready for those holiday lights that will be going up before you know it!

Stay In Touch With A Neighbor Or Friend

It's always a good idea to have a neighbor or friend that you trust to check if you left the garage door up or take a walk around the property if you're out of town. If you use your lake home less frequently in the winter months you might consider asking a friend or neighbor to periodically check on your home. This will give you peace of mind and if there were to be a problem, you'll know sooner than later.

From packing up the pool toys to changing your furnace filter, you'll be glad you took the time to weatherize your home for winter. Fall is still a great time to find and purchase property and  Fran Campbell Team at the Lake of the Ozarks  is ready to help you. Contact our office and schedule a time to bundle up and view that piece of real estate you've been hoping to see!

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