Energy Saving Tips for Fall & Winter

The weather is changing and nights are cooling off. Soon the trees will lose their leaves and people will swap their shorts and dresses for coats and scarves! With the new season comes a new opportunity to re-evaluate your home-energy usage and prepare for the cooler months. To help kick off your eco-friendly home improvement mindset, Fran Campbell and Team offer a few tips to curb your energy use and save you some money this fall and winter.

Give your furnace a tune-up. As the temperatures begin to fall, heaters start working overtime. Give your heating unit a tune-up early on in the season, this will ensure it runs efficiently, economically and safely throughout the season. When you service your furnace you will want to check and change your filter. You should check all heating vents to make sure they are uncovered; when a vent is blocked it is useless as heat can’t get out, and it can drive up your heating bill. You may want to schedule an inspection and maintenance visit from a certified HVAC technician, who can make sure your system is up to speed and catch any problems before they become major expenses. Routine maintenance can reduce your energy consumption.

Use the sun for free heat. That bright orb in the sky can be a great temperature control in your residence throughout the year. During the cooler months, let the sunlight in! This will naturally heat your home. Open the curtains on your south-facing windows during winter days to bring free heat into your home and, close the curtains and blinds when the sun goes down to reduce the chill from
cold windows.

Cover drafty windows and seal cracks. You can choose window treatments and coverings not only for decoration but also for saving energy. Carefully select window treatments; there are options that can reduce heat loss. However, to effectively reduce cold air leakage you will need to caulk and weather-strip around windows to reduce air infiltration.

Use ceiling fans to your advantage. Homes that have better ventilation and airflow can be more energy efficient throughout all seasons. Did you know, when a fan is spinning clockwise it will help trap heat inside to keep your rooms warmer during the cooler months. Turn your ceiling fan on a low setting to push that hot hair back down to warm you up!

Adjust the thermostat. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save about 10 percent per year on your heating bills by turning your thermostat down about 10 degrees for eight hours. If you think you can do it, invest in some flannel sheets and warm blankets and sleep while thermostat is turned down.

Invest in Energy Star appliances. Do any appliances need replaced? This is a great time to consider
Energy Star qualified appliances. These refrigerators, dishwashers and heating and cooling systems run more efficiently than older models and can reduce your home energy use, sometimes up to 50 percent. These appliances will help you save on your bill and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption – you’re not only saving money but helping to protect the environment!

Whether you’re hoping to save some money by reducing your energy usage in a condo, home or office, these tips can help you get there. Part of the reason many choose to make the Lake of the Ozarks their home, or second home, are the beautiful Missouri Seasons. Are you looking for property in or around the area? The real estate team at Fran Campnell is here to assist in all your needs! We share a thorough knowledge of the area and local market and are available to help you find the perfect property, summer, winter, spring or fall!

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