Buying & Selling Real Estate: Modern Techniques vs Old

People have been buying and selling homes for hundreds of years, but the methods buyers and sellers use have evolved over time. The strategies and procedures used today are drastically different from the ones used as little as thirty years ago. As experienced real estate agents at the Lake of the Ozarks, we thought we'd take a quick look at some of the ways the real estate industry has changed over the years.

Contacting An Agent Is No Longer The First Step

If you are thinking about buying a house in Osage Beach MO, what is the first step you would take? If you're like most buyers in today's day and age, you probably go online to begin browsing the various homes for sale at the Lake of the Ozarks. Up until relatively recently, however, buyers would have never dreamed of doing this step first. Prior to the introduction and expansion of the internet, the first step people took towards buying a house was contacting a real estate agent. Their agent would then comb through the MLS to find properties that best matched the buyers' list of desired qualities. Agents still present potential properties to interested buyers, but contacting the agent is no longer the first step buyers take.

Listing Photos Are Now More Critical Than Ever

Listing photographs used to be considered a simple courtesy, something you provided so the sellers could get a general idea of your property before going to go so see it or remind themselves what your property looked like after the tour. Because so many sellers are perusing homes online independently now, however, having quality photos of your home is absolutely essential. Buyers will browse through your online listing and if they don't like what they see in pictures, they probably won't take the time to see your home in person. You don't want to lose out on a potential sale simply because your photographs aren't quite up to par.

You Get Full Specs On Each House

As a buyer, having all the pertinent information about the property right in front of you makes the decision making process much easier. When your Lake of the Ozarks REALTOR® takes you to visit prospective properties, he or she should provide you with a sheet of paper detailing the full specifications of each property you tour - square footage, approximate year built, amenities, features, foundation type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. However, this is only a relatively recent practice. Originally you may have received some general information about the properties, but today's buyers have easier access to much more detailed information.

Online Marketing Is Absolutely Crucial

Because so many buyers begin the home search online these days, ensuring that your property has a quality online presence is absolutely essential. Your Lake of the Ozarks listing agent will add your home to the MLS and should begin to aggressively market your property via a variety of different avenues. Fran Campbell Team uses a unique mix of print and online advertising to ensure that your home reaches the widest possible range of potential buyers. We also routinely feature our listings on our Facebook page. When buyers are looking for available homes, they need to be able to find yours!

Fran Campbell Team Can Help You Buy Or Sell Your Next Home At The Lake
Whether you're buying or selling your house at the Lake of the Ozarks, your real estate agent will be a hugely helpful part of the process. If you are looking for a real estate agent to assist you, we hope you'll keep us in mind. Our experienced team members would be honored to help you in any way we can. We look forward to working with you!

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