Lake Levels Are Fluctuating - Protect Your Dock!

With the recent flooding and the impending winter drawdown, it is more important than ever for owners of waterfront homes at the Lake of the Ozarks to make sure their properties are secure. Without the proper precautions, the Lake's fluctuating water levels can inflict serious damage on docks and boat lifts. Fran Campbell Team is here to help you protect your property with these simple reminders.

High Water Level & Low Water Level - Both Can Be Dangerous!

Because of the recent flooding, this winter poses a unique challenge for waterfront homeowners. They must deal with the high water levels now, but they must also be prepared for the lake level to drop significantly over the course of the next two months. High water levels and low water levels can both damage your dock if the proper precautions are not taken. 

Protect Your Dock From The Flooding

The immense flooding that has surrounded the Lake Area has caused some serious damage for certain homeowners. Even if your dock has apparently not sustained serious damage, it is important to be extra-cautious when approaching your dock. We recommend having your dock inspected by a professional electrician. The turbulence your dock may have been subjected to during the high water levels could have damaged wires, and it's important to make any necessary repairs before someone is injured.

Protect Your Dock From The Winter Drawdown

The winter drawdown typically occurs between January and February every year. The "drawdown" refers to the time when Ameren drains water out of the Lake, lowering the water level in preparation for the anticipated spring rains. The water level can reach as low as 654 feet once the drawdown is complete. (The Lake is considered "full" when the water level measures 660 feet above sea level.)

Don't be caught off-guard during this winter drawdown! Here are a few things homeowners should to do to prepare for the dropping water levels.
  1. Lengthen the cables that anchor your dock to allow room for the dock to drop with the water level.
  2. Drain all water lines connected to your dock.
  3. Check to ensure that hinges, pins, and other linking connections have enough leeway to follow the fluctuating water levels.
  4. Install a deicer to protect your dock from freezing water.
  5. Inspect your dock's surroundings to make sure its movement will not be hindered by stumps, logs, or other debris.
  6. Evaluate your dock and repair any loose or rusted parts.

Enjoy Your Home at the Lake!

By taking these steps now, you will be able to protect your family's access to fun recreational activities on the water once the weather warms back up. 

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