Moving 101

Moving into a new home is so exciting! It's a chance to start fresh with new neighbors and new surroundings - plus, you'll finally be able to move away from any clutter that may have built up in your previous home or apartment!

The only downside to moving into your new home is just that: moving. Packing up the last few (or several) years of your life and transporting it to a new location is no small feat, but there are things you can do to make the process easier!

As the Lake's most trusted real estate agency for over fifteen years, we've garnered several tips and tricks for simplifying your moving process. Here are some of our favorite tried-and-true methods.

Even the things you don't think you will need to. Don't seal any boxes, bags, or crates without first labeling their contents. Some people even opt to color coordinate their boxes so they can quickly and easily identify their contents, such as designating yellow duct tape for kitchen items and blue duct tape for bathroom items. If all else fails, a thick permanent marker scrawled across your cardboard boxes will work just as well! Effective labeling will allow you to prioritize as you unpack, so you can get all your necessities squared away first.

It's time to embrace your inner OCD! Keep a list of everything you put into any given box. Once it's full and the box has been labelled, mark which label your new list corresponds to (using letters or numbers work well) and file it away for safekeeping. This way, you'll be able to remember where you put your silverware without having to dig through every single box! 

3. Pack a small overnight bag for you and your family.
It is entirely possible that by the time you get all your boxes loaded into your new home, you'll be too tired to begin unpacking that night. Save yourself some trouble by packing an overnight bag for the first night you'll spend in your new place. This way, you'll be able to unpack at your desired speed. 

4. Pack proactively.
Why not save yourself some time on the big moving day by packing some things ahead of time? You probably don't need your winter coats or snow boots readily accessible if you're moving in the summer, just like you don't need three cell phone chargers laying around. Packing as much as you can ahead of time - even if they're small - can make your life much, much easier!

5. Use the moving supplies you already have.
Believe it or not, you actually have plenty of moving supplies in the back of your closets and under your beds. Suitcases and duffle bags are great places to pack bed sheets or shoes, and your extra bags, baskets, and purses can hold all kinds of miscellaneous items! If you don't fill them with other things, they'll just have to be packed away in a different box... Why not use them to their full potential?

6. Eliminate extra work.
In some cases, you don't need to pack and unpack! Dresser drawers, for instance, can often be removed from the dresser and transported independently. If covered to keep their contents from falling out, they actually make very effective packing tools. As a side note, removing the dresser drawers will also make transporting the actual dresser much easier!

Hopefully these tips help make your moving process simpler! If you have any more suggests, comment and let us know. We'd love to hear your feedback!

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