Make Sure Your Dock is Safe with Regular Inspections

If you own a lakefront home with a dock, we strongly urge you to have regular inspections to ensure that your dock has proper electrical wiring and is safe for those that will be on and around your dock in the months to come. 

If you are purchasing a Lake of the Ozarks home, the local fire protection districts at Lake of the Ozarks require electrical inspections and permits for all private boat docks equipped with electric power. The permit will be through Ameren Missouri, however, the inspection is a separate service that requires an additional fee paid to your local fire department.   

Although inspections are not required after your initial inspection approval, it is each individual dock owner's responsibility to make sure their dock is electrically safe.

Here are some helpful links from Ameren Missouri that give more detail on the requirements and safety of your dock.
We hope this information will be helpful to you for your current dock or if you are buying a Lake of the Ozarks home.  

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