Tips to Help you Prepare for Holiday Guests

It's that time of year when many people are traveling for the Holidays - will you have guests in your home?  If so, the best way to be a great host is by simply providing a space that is comfortable and clean.  Here is a great check list of items to focus on to make sure your guests not only arrive happy but also leave happy.

Guest Bathroom
  • Clean the mirrors, floors, shower, toilet and sinks. 
  • Empty and clean wastepaper basket.
  • Clean bath mats and shower curtains if necessary. 
  • Have fresh bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths available.
  • Put new soap on the sink.
  • Provide extra toiletries. 
  • Remove personal items from the shower.
The Bedroom
  • Vacuum and dust thoroughly.
  • Wash the bedding and linens.
  • Clean out a section of the closet and drawer space - stock the closet with nice hangers. 
  • Make the bed with layers of heavy and lightweight bedding and an assortment of pillows. 
The Kitchen
  • Go through the pantry and fridge and throw out anything that has expired. 
  • Stock up on basics like bottled water, basic condiments, sweeteners, tea and coffee. 
  • Put a basket of fruit, jars of cookies, bowl of assorted nuts/candy or other easy "snack" foods on the kitchen table.
  • Clean the kitchen - countertops, microwave, refrigerator, stove top and floors. 
We hope these tips will help you get organized for your guests and enjoy the Holiday Season!!  Happy Hosting and Happy Holidays from the Fran Campbell Team!!


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