Celebrate a GREAT Boating Season at the Lake of the Ozarks Fall Harbor Hop!!

Don't miss out on the 2013 Fall Harbor Hop this Saturday at the Lake of the Ozarks! This is a great event that encourages everyone to enjoy one more boating excursion for the 2013 season.  The event will  include over 40 participating restaurants and marinas around the Lake!

Here is how you play:
  1. Enter the Harbor Hop by stopping at any of the participating checkpoints. 
  2. Obtain your first card by making a $15 donation per hand.  A player may enter more than once. 
  3. Six additional cards are obtained by “hopping” to  other checkpoints drawing one card, per hand, at each location. 
  4. Your hand is complete when the 7th card is drawn. 
  5. The completed hand should be turned in where where the 7th card is drawn by 7:00pm.
  6. Winners will be notified by mail. 
  7. Prizes are based on entry donations. 
For complete information about the Fall Harbor Hop, including checkpoints and their location, rules and other details, please visit www.FunLake.com/harborhop.

This event is sponsored by Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association, Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitors Bureau and Water Front Restaurants.

We hope you enjoy the 2013 Fall Harbor Hop.  As you cruise around the Lake this weekend, you may find yourself interested in purchasing a home or condo at Lake of the Ozarks - if so, be sure to call the Fran Campbell Team! We work hard to match buyers with their perfect Lake of the Ozarks home!


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