8 Safety Tips for a Fun-filled Halloween

It's almost time for the Ghosts and Goblins to get out and start knocking on doors!! It's such an exciting time for little kids as they dress up as their favorite hero, princess or scary monster and gather enough candy to last for months.  To keep your trick-or-treat outing full of fun, we encourage you to consider some safety precautions:
  1. Choose brightly colored costumes
  2. Carry flashlights so your are easily visible
  3. Choose a neighborhood that you are familiar - preferably one that is well lit.
  4. Establish a plan if you get separated - a meeting place or give them a cell phone for the evening.
  5. Walk your children to the door to receive treats.
  6. Do not let your children enter the homes.
  7. Never allow your younger children to go out alone - make sure they are always with a parent or other trusted adult.
  8. Examine your children's candy before allowing them to eat it.
We hope these simple tips will help you keep Halloween a little less spooky and a lot more fun!!  Happy Halloween from the entire Fran Campbell Team!!

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