Keep your Dock and our Lake CLEAN with Toxic Free Cleaners!!

If you live at the Lake of the Ozarks, your dock is probably a huge source of entertainment during the summer months...but as the summer winds down, it may be time to do some cleaning!!!

Here are some great tips to keep your dock clean and prevent toxic cleaners from damaging the environment and the natural beauty of Lake of the Ozarks.
  • Soap: choose phosphate free and non-toxic soap, use as little as possible
  • Scouring Powders: baking soda
  • Fiberglass: baking soda paste
  • Decks and Floors: one cup white vinegar in two gallons water
  • Windows: one cup vinegar in one cup warm water, rinse and squeegee
  • Aluminum: two tablespoons cream of tarter in one quart hot water
  • Copper: lemon juice and salt
  • Brass: worchestershire sauce or paste made of equal parts salt, vinegar, and water; rinse
  • Chrome: apple cider vinegar to clean; baby oil to polish
  • Drain Opener: pour vinegar and baking soda in drain and follow with boiling water
  • Mildew: paste of equal parts of either lemon juice and salt or vinegar and salt
  • Wood: three parts olive oil and one part white vinegar
  • For Your Hands: baby oil or margarine
We hope you have had a great summer and would love to hear from you if you have some eco-friendly to share!!  


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