40 Almost Free Things to Do with Your Kids this Summer

We are just a few weeks into the summer months... have you heard the words "I'm bored" yet?  

It's funny how kids cannot wait to get out of school, but within a few weeks they are already singing the blues. We put together a fun list of  40 "Almost Free" things to do with your kids to make your summer go a little smoother!

Check out our list and be sure to share your ideas too.
  1. Go for a Hike - HaHa Tonka is a great place.
  2. Go on a Picnic - you have to eat lunch anyway, right?  So pack it up and take it to a local park.
  3. Take a Bike Ride - Great exercise and hopefully wears them out a bit 
  4. Go Camping - Renting a "site" at a campground is relatively cheap or you can simply camp in your backyard.
  5. Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles - You can even use this Bubble Recipe to make your own.
  6. Go Fishing 
  7. Play in the Sprinkler
  8. Swim in the Lake - Public Access at PB#1 and PB#2
  9. Build a Blanket Fort - this can last for days.
  10. Play Dress up - Allow them to use some of your old jewelry or shoes to make it even more fun.
  11. Water Balloon Fights
  12. Finger Painting
  13. Go to the Library
  14. Visit your local Fire Station
  15. Plant Flowers in a small container for you kids
  16. Go on a walk and let your kids take pictures
  17. Skee Ball on the Strip - cheap AND entertaining.
  18. Make Friendship Bracelets
  19. Go for ice cream 
  20. Check out the local Home Improvement Store's Kids' Workshop days
  21. Teach Grandma or Grandpa to text.
  22. Play I Spy
  23. Pull out the Board Games
  24. Draw with Sidewalk Chalk
  25. Make Popsicles
  26. DANCE - teach your kids the Macarena or any of your other famous dance moves!
  27. Write letters to relatives - Grandma and Grandpa will LOVE this.
  28. Catch Fireflies
  29. Flashlight Tag at night
  30. Take a day trip to Bennett Springs Park
  31. Play Simon Says
  32. Mommy/Daughter Makeovers
  33. Daddy/Daughter Makeovers :)
  34. Tie Dye old shirts
  35. Volunteer
  36. Movie Night with popcorn and friends
  37. Make cookies and deliver to a neighbor or friend
  38. Visit the local Farmer's Markets 
  39. Craft Day - Pull out the glitter, glue, scissors and construction paper for a day of creativity.
  40. Make a Pool Noodle Race Track 
We hope you have a GREAT summer and can utilize this list to create a fun a "boredom" free zone at your house!  Happy Summer!!

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