5 Tips to Improve the Exterior of Your Home

There are many factors that will affect selling your Lake of the Ozarks Home, but the exterior is one of the most crucial elements.  

The moment your home comes into view, the potential buyer has begun making their first impression.  The first impression, good or bad,  is typically very hard to overcome.  

Here are a few tips to help you review the exterior of your home and add some appeal to your home.
  1. Clean it Up
    Power Washing the exterior of your home - this can make a dramatic improvement on the overall appearance of your home.  Wash the inside and outside of all your windows and make sure your gutters are free of dirt, branches and leaves.
  2. Get in Shape
    Be sure to trim, prune and shape all of your trees, bushes and shrubs. You may also want to consider adding mulch or rock to cover bare spots, add some colorful flowers or replace any shrubs that have overgrown their space.
  3. Paint the House
    A new coat of paint or a color change can really brighten up your house! You may even want to consider a new color.
  4. Enhance it with Architectural Elements
    Molding, decorative eaves and ironwork are just a few things to consider when sprucing up a plain home.  Consider hiring a professional to give you advice on how to utilize these elements to make your doors and windows seem bigger, your roof line larger or create a more impressive entry.
  5. Details, Detail, Details
    Every little thing can add or take away from the over all impression of the exterior of your home.  Pay close attention to things like your street numbers, door knobs, the trim, the gutters or damaged fixtures.  These "little things" may be the big thing that distracts a buyers attention and turns them away. 

If you are trying to sell your Lake of the Ozarks Home, the Fran Campbell Team encourages you to consider these tips and call us to discuss other strategies to sell your home.

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