Steps to De-Winterizing the Pipes in your Seasonal Home

The Lake of the Ozarks Season is upon us and it is time to open up your Lake of the Ozarks Second Home and prepare for some Summer Fun!!!  Before you flip the switch on, you will need to prepare your pipes for water flow or else you may end up with a flooding issue in your home.  

Follow these steps to ensure an easy transition in the your home.
  1. Check all the pipes within your home for breaks or cracks.  If you winterized your home, then remove all the insulation that protected them through the cold temperatures.
  2. Close the valve to the ice maker in your refrigerator.
  3. Open the valve supplying water to the water heater and close the heater drain cap.
  4. Remove any aerators from bathroom and kitchen faucets. 
  5. If a basement or sink trap was opened during winterization, cover or connect it.
  6. Have a couple of people watch the pipes to check for leaks as your increase the water slowly, allowing more water to flow through the home.  Make sure you are patient and SLOWLY increase the water.  Your pipes will likely make noises while filling with water.
  7. Make sure the outside faucet water is running.
  8. Turn on the faucet to each sink (slowly). Allow the water to run for 5-10 minutes to remove the air and purge the system.  Turn the valve for your toilets on and once they are filled, flush it.
  9. Turn off all faucets including the one outside.
  10. Check the plumbing  for leaks. Be sure to check under the water heater and under the sink for leaks.  Also, be sure to check the pipes to your washer and the tubes to your refrigerator.
  11. Once the water heater is filled, check the meter - if you suspect that it is leaking, contact the Water Company to locate the source of the leak.
Whether you have a home at the lake or you are looking to buy a second home at Lake of the Ozarks,  we hope you are getting ready for a great season!!  Although old man winter is trying to stand in the way, the Lake lifestyle will be back soon and it's not too late to purchase a home and enjoy the Lake of the Ozarks!

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