The Do's And Don'ts of Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the hub of almost every home.  It is a place to gather for an after school chat with your kids, to prepare your holiday dinners, to mix up your favorite brownies, to meet and greet your family every morning before going your separate ways - It's what "makes a house a home."  That is why it is so important to design a kitchen that functional and inviting.  Here are a few tips that will help you if you are designing or remodeling your kitchen.

  1. Bring your cabinets all the way to the ceiling.  Cabinets collect dust and typically have accessories that are unnecessary.   More Cabinets will give you more storage and will eliminate unused dusty areas.
  2. Conceal your appliances with cabinetry.  This newer trend has really caught on and brought a whole new look to the kitchen area.  Stainless steel scattered throughout the kitchen can cause the area to look choppy and small.  Choosing cabinetry to conceal appliances can create an atmosphere that is more larger, room-like and live-able.
  3. Bigger is not always Better.   Make the most of your small area by choosing high-quality materials and thoughtful details.  Maximize the cabinet space that you have and avoid un-needed items on the counters.  You want the area to feel open and clutter free.
  4. Invest in quality cabinets- this is NOT the place to cut corners.  The drawers and doors of your cabinets will be opened and closed multiple times daily.   Be sure to get solid hardwoods, quality finishes and sturdy hinges.  
  5. Create a functional work space.  Remember, this is a space that will be utilized often and the layout needs to make sense.  For example, be sure to have counter space next to and across from your oven - you do not want to carry a hot casserole across the room just to sit it down. 
  6. Have one element that is fun or creative.  The kitchen area needs to be warm, personal and inviting - be sure to give your kitchen a little kick with touches of your own personality!! 
We hope these tips are helpful as you remodel or design your kitchen - Not only is the kitchen important for your family, but if you decide to sell  your Lake of the Ozarks home, you will want to have a space that is appealing to the next owner too!!

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