Organizing your Child's Room with a Rotation System

Organizing your child's room can be a daunting task - but the end result can be a pleasant one for both you and your child.  If you are selling your home, it will also be appealing to potential buyers!!

Here are a few reasons to get your child's room organized.
  • It's the Green thing to do - drop your toys off at a shelter or local pre-school so these toys have a second life.
  • It helps your child learn - your child will enjoy more quality time with their toys instead of bouncing from one toy to the next.
  • Keep your child from getting bored.  More toys is not necessarily better.  Rotating your toys will help keep their interest longer
  • It makes clean up easier - fewer toys mean shorter pick up time!
Now, here are some tips that will show you how to implement a useful toy rotation system.
  • Get rid of toys that are not age appropriate for your child.
  • Get rid of broken toys or toys that have too many missing pieces to be useful.
  • Categorize what is left.  This part will vary depending on the age of your child.  For early childhood development, you might want to divide into 1)Thinking toys 2) Moving Toys and 3) Pretending Toys.     
  • Organize into Bins - The number of bins you need will vary depending on how many toys your have.  But once you have categorized your toys, you will want to put 3-4 toys from each category (Thinking, Moving and Pretending) into each bin.  Your bins should have around 10-15 toys in each.  This may not seem like enough to keep your child occupied - but the smaller amount of toys will allow repetitive learning experiences with each toy.
  • Label your Bins - Label your bins in a manner that makes sense to you - if you are going to rotate weekly - then labels that read "Week 1, 2, 3" etc will work perfect.  
  • Put away all of the bins that will be out of rotation and leave one bin out for your child to enjoy.
There are lots of ways to get your child's room organized - this is just a simple tool that we hope will help you have a clutter-free home.  Finding an organization system can be very helpful, especially if you are trying to sell your Lake of the Ozarks Home!!

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