Kitchen Upgrades Under $500

If you are selling your Lake of the Ozarks home, make sure your kitchen is looking its best.  It plays a huge part in the decision making process for potential buyers.  Updating your kitchen can be very expensive, but here are a few tips on how to update your kitchen for under $500!
  • Paint your kitchen walls - A fresh coat of paint is always a quick, easy and inexpensive update to any room.   Your kitchen walls take a lot of beatings, from the oily splatters to the dirty hand prints of kids who frequent this room the most. Whether you decide to refresh the paint your currently have or select an entire new hue, this quick update will make a world of difference when potential buyers view your home.
  • Rugs - This solution seems a bit too simple, but adding a pop of color with some new rugs will divert the attention away from the flooring and complete the decor.
  • Update the faucets - Installing a new kitchen faucet is relatively easy and can easily fit into your budget.   This small addition can change the look of the kitchen to a more modern appearance.  
  • Add a garbage disposal or trash compactor - These appliances are both inexpensive but either one should stay within the $500 budget.  You may need to hire a professional to properly install these - but these are definitely items that home buyers will appreciate.  And they will make your kitchen more modern and practical.
  • New Lighting - The amount of light that is in your kitchen can determine the look and feel of the space.  Too bright and the room my look glaring or unfriendly.  Too soft and work space is hard to use.  Consider a variety of kitchen lights to suit the area that they are located in.  For instance a brighter light over the sink for dish washing.
  • Furniture piece to finish the room - hutch, wine rack or other piece of kitchen furniture can usually be purchased for under $500.  The piece can add space, color and style to your kitchen for an update appearance. 
  • Paint kitchen cabinets and update shelf area - Obtaining a completely new set of cabinets can be very expensive, but homeowners can update the shelves inexpensively. Some common updates would include slide-out shelves, lazy susans, drawers and new hardware. You can also update the look of your kitchen cabinets with paint - but be sure to do your research on the proper application for your type of cabinets!!
We hope these tips will help you update your kitchen space - Not only is the kitchen important for your family, but if you decide to sell  your Lake of the Ozarks home, you will want to have a space that is appealing to the next owner too!!

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