5 Advantages to Off-Season House Hunting

Conventional real estate wisdom has often advised buyers and sellers that once Thanksgiving comes around, they might as well pack it in, hunker down and wait till they've doled out all their New Year's smooches to get serious about their real estate transactions.

But there are some hidden benefits to taking a different approach and actually doubling down on your house hunt right now, while the holiday season is in full swing.
  1. Lower competition for your dream home.  This means their are fewer competitors for your dream home and less chance of multiple offers.
  2. MOTIVATED Sellers. There are fewer sellers during the off season, and those who are active tend to be highly motivated to sell. This means they are ready to entertain YOUR offer.
  3. Can't Miss Properties that WON'T wait.  The "off" season is when fewer new listings come on the market.  That being said, this is a great time to spot hidden gems offering unique mixes of property, fundamentals, amenities and location.  
  4. Keeping a handle on your Cash. It is not uncommon to become over-enthusiastic  and overspend during the holidays.  When buyers take themselves out of the house hunting mode, they tend to loosen their budgets and may over-extend  their credit. Continuing to shop for your new home over the holidays may help you keep to your holiday spending  budget.
  5. Money pits can become crystal clear.  As a buyer, you rely on inspections and disclosures to surface the hidden defects and property issues.  Off-season can bring a variety of weather issues that often unveil problems with a property that may be more than you were bargaining for.
The normal rules still apply. While the off-season is a great time to buy, don't expect a mansion for pennies.  Partnering with a great realtor will enable you to quickly find the best deals on market. Talk to the Fran Campbell Team to know what to expect when buying a Lake of the Ozarks Home in the off season.
If you are buying or selling a home during the holidays, let the Fran Campbell Team help you.  We would love to put our cheerful little elves to work finding your perfect lakefront home. Happy Holidays to everyone from the Fran Campbell Team!

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