Christmas Light Safety for Your Lake of the Ozarks Home

There is nothing we enjoy more than driving around to see the beautifully decorated homes at Lake of the Ozarks around Christmas time!  We love them all - the white lights, the colored lights, the yard ornaments, the Christmas Trees at the windows ... Christmas lights and decorations are beautiful and add warmth to your home despite the cooling temperatures.

While Christmas lights are beautiful, they can also create a hazard for your home if not properly hung. Here are a few tips that you might consider when hanging your Christmas lights to ensure a safe and happy season.

  1. Check each strand of lights for cracks, frayed ends or loose connections.
  2. Keep real trees watered.  Check your tree daily - a dry tree combined with electrical lights can be deadly.
  3. Consider buying new lights if yours are a little older.  Modern lights have fused plugs which prevent sparks if you short circuit.
  4. Replace burned out bulbs immediately.
  5. Extension cords can overheat - a simple "touch test" can indicate if the cord is too hot.  If so, unplug or replace the cord.
  6. Be sure to secure ground level extension cords to avoid tripping.
  7. Make sure the lights that you hang outside are rated for outdoor lighting. These have more insulation and are weather proof for your safety.
  8. When stringing lights on your home, be sure to recruit a "helper."
  9. Turn off all Christmas lights when you go to bed.
  10. When the time comes to put away the decor, be sure to store your lights in sealed containers to avoid water damage and damage from rodents.
The Fran Campbell Team encourages you to follow these tips to enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!

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