Tips on how to Winterize Your Lake of the Ozarks Home

It is hard enough to believe that summer is over, but now our fall is almost over too?  This is the time of year to start pulling out the boots, scarves, gloves, hats and winter coats to prepare for the bitter cold season that is soon arriving!  This same preparation is needed for your home and now is the time to take some precautionary steps to protect your investment.

Here are a few tips to help you winterize your home.

  • Clean Gutters - Make sure your gutters are free of debris. Clogged gutters can cause backed up water to freeze and seep into the home.  Check your downspouts to ensure that they are facing away from your home and spill the water 10 feet from the house. 
  • Seal Leaks - Most windows, door frames and electrical outlets will leak cold air into your home.  You can easily avoid this by sealing them with caulk or tacky rope - be sure to use a water-resistant caulk for the exterior of your home.
  • Insulate Pipes - If the pipes in your home are exposed to harsh temperatures, you run the risk of the pipes bursting and causing water damage to your home.  To protect your pipes, wrap them in foam rubber sleeves or fiberglass insulation and secure it with heating tape.  Also, be sure to check your pipes for leaks and cracks so that a minor repair does not turn into major damage to your home.
  • Clean out Chimney, Furnaces and Heaters - Call a professional to come to your home and service your chimney, furnace and heater to avoid smoke and other damage to your home and to make sure your home is efficiently heated.   
  • Insulate Home - Making sure you home is properly insulated will help keep your heating costs down.  Your attic requires 12 inches of insulation and should be kept 5-10 degrees warmer than the outside air to prevent damage to your roof.   You should also make sure your basement is well-insulated to help prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • Reverse you Ceiling Fans - This simply flip of the switch will actually push the warm air down and help keep your home warm and cozy.  

And here are a few additional tips for those who have a Second Home at Lake of the Ozarks

  • Prune the tree limbs away from your home and utility lines to prevent damage during a windy or icy storm.
  • Drain and remove all outside water hoses.
  • Close your swimming pool or hire a professional to do it.
  • Store all of your lawn furniture, your grills and other outside items or cover them and secure them in a protected location.
  • Clean your refrigerator. 
  • Turn off water at the main line.
  • Turn off your home's propane or natural gas.
  • Schedule routine pest inspections and treatments during the months you will be away.
  • Turn off the Main breaker in your home.
  • Notify your Post office to forward your mail and stop newspaper deliveries.

Even if you're dreading the winter months, do not wait too long to winterize your home - a little preparation on your part can save you a LOT of headaches and damage to your Lake of the Ozarks Home.  

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