Get a Jump on Spring Pests

Missouri's Warm Winter Weather May Equal More Pesky Critters!

We all the love the warm winter weather this year in Mid Missouri, but so do some other creatures ... namely pesky, unwanted bugs and other pests.

You can take action now around your Lake of the Ozarks home to help keep unwanted "guests" out of your house.

Here a short list to help you prepare now for the Spring!
  • Ensure there is a one-inch gap between any soil and wood portions of your structure.
  • Keep mulch at least 15 inches from your foundation.
  • Seal any cracks a along the bottom of the house.
  • Eliminate sources of moisture and standing water.
  • Keep trees and other plants trimmed back from the house.
  • Keep trash containers clean and sealed.
  • Screen all windows and doors.
These 7 easy tips will help keep Spring and Summer bugs at a minimum around your home!

With Spring approaching, now is the perfect time to find your luxury lakefront home in Lake of the Ozarks. We have a tremendous inventory of homes and mortgage rates are STILL at historical lows.  Let the Fran Campbell team help you find that perfect lakefront home or condo to get the season started off right!

Contact the Fran Campbell Team to schedule a showing!

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