Real Estate News - Lake of the Ozarks Shootout!

It's that time of year again, and for Lake of the Ozarks the Shootout is just about as good as Christmas!

Fran Campbell Team wishes to welcome all of the Shootout Fans and wants you to enjoy your weekend with us. If you haven't already, click HERE for the most up to date schedule of events.

If you are coming to watch the races, here a few tips to keep you having a great time and safe!

*The two-mile bluff-shaded stretch of the Lake that makes up the Shootout course will be designated with a racing channel, a buffer zone and a viewing area, with a local traffic channel along the shore. But note, none of these areas are very wide.

*If you're really interested in the racing, watch how they start. Last year, the course had a slow start. This year it's going to be faster. That is telling of the ultimate finish time.

*Also, get out and look at the boats up close. The boats will be parked at Captain Ron's and most of the drivers relish showing off their high-powered watercraft and talking with spectators. More than one child treasures a photograph with himself or herself sitting in the driver's seat of a championship racing craft.

*Pay attention to the fact that the Shootout course is actually very narrow given that racers will be running in the vicinity of 200 miles per hour. Anyone who comes should move at an idle speed only. Racers will be watching the winds and water. At the speeds they run, any disturbance could be tragic.

Have a great Shootout weekend and remember that you don't have to go home! Log onto for Lake Area listings and find your dream home at Lake of the Ozarks!


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