Considering selling your home this Winter? That’s a great Idea!
We’ve been talking to a lot of sellers lately that are in the mindset that it is better to wait for the spring market to list their homes. These sellers are correct in knowing that more homes are sold in the Spring than any other time of the year. Over 30% of homes sell in May, June and July.

The Fall and Winter can also be a great time to put your home on the market. For one, the competition for buyers is a lot lower. If you look at the chart below, you will notice that there are always more homes on the market in the Spring and less in the Fall leading into the Winter months. This unneeded competition in the Spring can end up hurting the value of your home.

Another upside to listing right now is that you will be dealing with serious and motivated buyers only. A look-loo will not waste your time looking during the Winter months. Buyer’s looking right now are typically have-to buyers. The majority of corporate relocations happen in January. This means they are more than likely looking to buy during November and December. And buyers have an extra incentive to buy right now that they won’t have in the Spring—the extended and expanded tax credit.

All first time home buyers will still receive up to an $8,000 tax credit when they purchase a home. Now, any buyer who has not bought a home in the last 5 years will receive a tax credit up to $6,500. This offer ends April 30th, 2010. Remember, if you plan to take advantage of this offer, the purchase must be a primary residence.

Another great benefit to selling right now is that your home will be automatically staged. Having holiday decorations out always creates a sense warmth and welcome. Buying a home is definitely an emotional purchase—nothing evokes the feeling of home more than the holidays. Remember, HOME is the second most emotional word in the English language.

Speaking of home, many people travel during the Winter months visiting family and friends. If you are thinking of selling right now, but don’t want to have to worry about having your home on the market at the same time---we understand. We always work with sellers to block out dates they don’t want buyer’s coming through their home. We also help negotiate favorable moving timelines and possession dates in our contracts that won’t interfere with your holiday plans.

We hope you enjoy this holiday season and want you to know that we are here to help with all your real estate needs. Feel free to call or email us anytime. 573.302.2390


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