The OSS Races Are Here!

Ladies and Gentleman start your boat engines and get ready for the 2009 Offshore Super Series at Lake of the Ozarks. Racing starts at 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday. If you love power and speed then look no further, this is the weekend at Lake of the Ozarks for you! These are no ordinary boat races, these my friends, are the Nationals! Click here for all the details!

Something new for LOTO this year will be the addition of OSS Speed Runs. The Speed Runs will be similar to a drag, two boats running side by side in a contest for “Top Gun” bragging rights as the fastest boat in its class. The Speed Runs will be open to any Teams providing their boat conforms to the OSS Spec class rulebook.

So don't listen to those who've told you that the "season" is over at the Lake, we're just gettin' started! Pack your cooler and head out on the boat, and for you land lovers enjoy the races at Toad Cove or Shady Gators! Remember there's a no wake zone from the 5MM to the 10MM from 10 AM to 1/2 hour after the race on Saturday and Sunday.

As always, check out for all of your Real Estate needs. After a great vacation at the Lake you'll want to fulfill your dream of being a home owner and we can help!


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