Holiday Safety Tips

Fran Campbell Team wants each of you to have a very safe and fun Labor Day weekend! Here are some great tips that all boaters, professional or novice, can appreciate.

  1. By law, a lifejacket must be available for each person in the boat. Make sure passengers know where those jackets are in case of an emergency.

  2. Know what each buoy marking means. Pay attention to the No Wake areas as many children and adults might be swimming in that area.

  3. Be aware of your surroundings and drive to the right side of the channel or cove, just as you would on the road.

  4. Have a plan mapped out in your head for emergencies before you go out on the water. The more prepared you are, the calmer you tend to be in those situations.

  5. Don't drink and drive. Remember that we are all responsible not only for the lives of those on our boats, but the lives of everyone on the Lake.

  6. The Water Patrol and the Coast Guard Auxiliary provide free inspections of boats. If you suspect a problem before getting in the water, call up these guys to give you the green light.

  7. Designate one passenger to keep a close eye on water skiers and tubers riding on the back of your boat. Watersports should be conducted in a safe area.

  8. Be considerate of others out on the water. Coves can get crowded at times and tension can easily arise.

  9. Check the weather ahead of time so you can stay ahead of any storms or strong wind that might be coming to the area.

  10. When overtaking smaller vessels, be courteous and try to allow as much room as possible at a reasonable speed.

We're looking forward to the great Holiday weekend with many visitors. As always, please check out for Lake Area Real Estate Listings!

Vacation News - August 28-Sept 10, 2009.


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