Osage Beach development targets unique living for older adults

Courtesy of Lake of the Ozarks Business Journal April 2009:

Four Missouri developers
have announced The Rose
at Tan-Tar-A, a unique concierge
retirement living center
to be constructed at Lake of
the Ozarks, specifi cally Osage

Dr. Steve Cohen, a retirement
center consultant for 20
years, said The Rose at Tan-Tar-
A would offer affordable luxury
living featuring concierge services
to take the hassle out of every
day life, in fact, their motto
is “inconvenience is not an option.”

“Normally, if you have a problem,
whether it’s connecting a
high defi nition television or fi xing
your computer, that means
time out of your life,” Cohen
said. “The very wealthy have a
staff for those kinds of things,
but everyone else has to spend
30 minutes on the phone or a
day trying to connect wires.”

At The Rose, residents will
simply call the on-site concierge
who will solve the problem. Although
incredibly convenient,
the program’s “shared ownership”
means that The Rose will
remain affordable.

Cohen noted the increasing
popularity of the Lake of
the Ozarks area for retirement
because of its dramatically expanding
services, recreational
amenities and other features.
“But this is the fi rst time this
type of lifestyle will be available
in the Lake of the Ozarks
area,” he said “It will really offer
something unique to those who
have worked hard and want an
upscale but affordable retirement.”
The Rose will be located
between the Tan-Tar-A resort
and Lake Regional Hospital.

Working with Cohen on the
project is Lake of the Ozarks
area realtor Jim Mathis, Rock
Island developer Jeff Eirinberg,
and Kansas City architect Ed
Korff. The property is owned by
the Duenke family, whose father
bought the ground in the 1950s
and developed the Tan Tar A Resort
on a portion of it.

The first phase of the $39-million
project will be on 35 acres of
a total 118-acre site. The initial
phase will include 72 independent
living units, 30 assisted
living units and 20 memory
care units. Sixty-fi ve affordable
housing units will be located on
a separate but nearby site. The
affordable housing component
is planned to offer employees at
The Rose and others quality living
options as well.

The project will also include
30,000 s.f. of retail development.
The memory care and assisted
living will be the fi rst area to
be constructed. Later work will
include additional, off-site affordable
housing for other area
workers, an important need for
the entire lake area.

“This is really an exciting
project that we think will add
dramatically to the Lake of the
Ozarks area,” Cohen concluded.
“The area has really developed
in the last 10 to 15 years and this
fi ts perfectly with the direction.
It’s a good match.”

For more information, call
Jim Mathis at (573) 348-1010, or
Steve Cohen at (816) 697-3481.


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