The Trouble with Trees

While most people cherish and value trees, like all living things they have a lifespan and needs that must be met. Large trees that overhang buildings, fences, or boundary lines pose a threat. Trees that lean across lines may present special situations that affect homes or fences, and there are often laws protecting each party's interests.

While perfectly healthy trees can fall or break given specific circumstances, if neglect can be proven, a property owner might be liable for damages.  This means if the insurance companies get involved as a result of damage incurred by falling trees, your insurance rates might be affected if negligence can be proven.

Understanding your responsibilities around pruning and maintaining trees on your property is key.  Knowing the health of trees on your property, and taking measures to ensure that they don't damage your neighbor's home or property, is the landowners' responsibility.  

Felling large trees is a difficult endeavor and should be undertaken only by qualified individuals who are bonded, licensed and insured. 

Speaking with your neighbor prior to tree work may reduce concerns, but also evoke some unwanted emotion. Trees that have been established for many years might be missed by some, while others might be relieved about the removal of a diseased tree or welcome the additional natural light. 

Tree work that may pose any risk to your neighbor's property should be discussed prior to engaging in the work.

Don't forget the importance of curb appeal when you are selling your Lake of the Ozarks Home - the health of your trees play a huge role in how potential buyers view your home.  If you are concerned about a tree, chances are a potential buyer will also be concerned about it too!!  

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