5 Tips to Get Your Lake of the Ozarks Home in "Model" Shape

Perfectly manicured lawns, vibrant paint colors, cozy furniture placement and not the slightest hint of dust...Model Homes, they are just so appealing to buyers.

Let's face it, no one lives in a model home...there are no crumbs to sweep up after dinner,  no one cooking in the kitchen, no kids playing kick ball in the hallway, no dog hair building up in the corners and no one using the bathrooms.  So how do you get your "lived in" home ready to show buyers that want a turn key "model home?"  Here are a 5 tips to help get your home looking its very best.

1.  Clean your home -  Nothing says turnkey like a sparkling CLEAN home.   Every inch of your home needs to be inspected, every blind slat dusted, every light fixture cleaned and every base board wiped down.   This process can be very time consuming and many people consider hiring someone to clean their home.  

2.  Fresh Look and smell - A home that does not feel FRESH or Smell Clean will turn your potential buyer off immediately.   You do not want your buyers first impression to be "Smoky", "funky" or "doggy" smells because if they are, there is a good chance your home has just been marked off their list!!  Their sense of smell is directly tied to the "emotion" they feel towards the home and can determine whether they feel the home is  clean, cozy and warm  or dirty, smelly and ____  You want to make sure to clean your  floors and carpets, touch up or repaint walls if necessary, and make sure your appliances are clean.  Buyers will not be fooled by air fresheners alone.

3.  COLOR - The days of a white slate home are gone.  People are drawn to color and the impact can be very powerful.  Adding color to a room or even a single wall  is an inexpensive way to make your home stand out from the rest. Color can be added to the walls or through details like fixtures, wall colors or appliances.   Use earthy calm tones for bigger areas and add some pops of color in the details.

4.  Space - Model homes are loaded with space and that is very appealing to the buyer.   A home buyer wants to know that their is plenty of room for their "stuff."  Reduce, Organize and Store!!!   Get the trash bags out and throw out thing that you no longer need.   Organize your closets and cabinets so that everything has a place.   Finally, pack away and store the things that clutter your home.  This will give your home a roomier feel and allow buyers to visualize their items in the space.

5.  Layout -   The layout of your home is very important and should create a feeling of continuity that will make sense to potential buyers.   The room layout should portray the functionality of the room, highlight the best features of the room and allow a potential buyer to envision themselves in the space.

Getting your home ready to sell and maintaining that spic and span appearance will not be easy, but it will be well worth the elbow grease when your Lake of the Ozarks Realtor delivers you a signed contract!

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